Marco Rubio’s Stunning Announcement About the State of the Race



Senator Marco Rubio, who has suspended his campaign, made a very stunning comment last night after his loss in his home state of Florida.

“After tonight it is clear that while we are on the right side, this year we will not be on the winning side,” said Rubio.

Rubio has long believed that Donald Trump cannot win in a general election but it is wrong to convey such a negative impression. His comment suggests Ted Cruz can’t get there either. It’s not yet known if he will endorse Sen. Cruz or anyone. Cruz invited Rubio to join his campaign last night without mentioning his name.

After this brutal primary, Donald Trump is a more damaged candidate and will have a tough time trying to defeat Hillary. A large percentage of the GOP base say they will not vote for Trump.

Rubio also implored the American people to not give into fear and anger, which he believes is responsible for the rise of Donald Trump.

“I ask the American people do not give into the fear, do not give into the frustration,” Rubio said.

It might be simplistic to only concentrate on fear and anger. Trump has skills and he’s a businessman. He seemingly speaks honestly though he has been caught in lies. Primarily he speaks without the usual phony politician-speak and he’s not PC.

If Rubio had sounded like the sincere person he was last night, things might have gone differently. He got some pretty awful advice along the way, especially when he did his anti-Trump stand up routine, but mostly when he went along with the Gang of Eight and allowed them to make him their poster boy.

Rubio said it’s not “in God’s plan” that he serve as president in 2016 and perhaps never.

It is quite amazing how Trump was able to help push his GOP opponents off the proverbial cliff with nasty nicknames like “little Marco” and “sweaty Marco.” He wasn’t solely responsible for their losses but he contributed.