Mark Levin: The EPA Isn’t Green, It’s Red, It’s Commie



Mark Levin wasn’t very happy about an article written by the New York Times and he expressed those views on his show.

“The Environmental Protection Agency is assaulting you. It’s shutting down coal mines, it’s shutting down coal-fired plants, it’s shutting down utilities, it is shutting down businesses and operations, it’s putting people out of work, it’s putting families on welfare lines, on Medicaid lines,” Levin said.

He’s not very happy with their intrusion into our lives and their many abuses against the American people.

“That’s what the Environmental Protection Agency is doing, because it’s a radical outpost that pretends to be green, when in fact it’s red. It’s red, it’s commie, that’s what it is! And it has no respect for private property rights. None!

“And they go through on the Republican attack on clean water, on the Republican attack on climate change, the Republican attack on natural resources. You people are a bunch of creeps.

Th EPA exists to put our lives under their control. Remember when they tried to ban lead ammo? Or how about their two year effort to control all waterways right down the puddle in your driveway.

They after our wood stoves and our fireplaces/

To convince people climate change must be dealt with in her draconian ways, EPA head Gina McCarthy said it would be racist not to do so.

The environmental justice activists in the EPA go after oil, gas and coal industries. They’re even after poultry farms.

Who can forget the grave danger to the very unnecessary Mississippi Gopher Frog that is causing the EPA to place limitations on the use of private property. Then there are chickens, wildflowers, and the sage grouse (photo below) that have vast swaths of  land reserved for them that covers several states.


The agency is called the Environmental Protection Agency but they seem to be ignoring the protection part. They claim to be protecting us by taking control of land from farmers and ranchers.They’re shutting down needed coal plants.

In 2012, they used an image of Che Guevara to celebrate Hispanic History Month. It speaks to who they really are. Their culture is sick. They need to be disbanded.