Maryland Gives 40,000 Felons the Right to Vote – for Democrats


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After a veto override, Maryland gave 40,000 felons the right to vote in time for the big election. The only party they will support obviously is the Democrat party.

Did you even know Maryland had 40,000 felons?

The legislature on Tuesday narrowly overturned Gov. Larry Hogan’s veto of a bill to extend voting rights to felons before they complete probation and parole.

The reversal both dealt a political blow to the Republican governor, who lobbied to prevent the bill from becoming law, and set the stage for an estimated 20,000 former inmates to cast ballots in Baltimore’s primary election for mayor and City Council this spring.

The Democrats play identity politics and they’ve been wooing criminals.

Only a minority of people in Maryland support the action.

Source: Baltimore Sun

h/t Herb Richmond