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Matt Drudge

Copyright law might prevent linking to news sites and even using titles, which would put an end to Drudge Report and all alternative political websites. His website is interesting and a great source of truth in the news. It’s nothing but a page of links to articles on the Internet.

Such an attack on free speech and all alternative news sites is ultimately an attack on free speech on the Internet..

Infowars landed an interview with him that is compelling. Drudge kept in the shadows during the interview which is part of his mystique. He hasn’t had one photo taken in eight years.

Drudge was told directly by a Supreme Court Justice, “It’s over for me.” They’ve got the votes now to enforce copyright law, you’re out of there. They’re going to make it so you can’t even use headlines.”

“To have a Supreme Court Justice say to me it’s over, they’ve got the votes, which means time is limited,” he added, noting that a day was coming when simply operating an independent website could be outlawed.

“That will end (it) for me – fine – I’ve had a hell of a run,” said Drudge, adding that web users were being pushed into the cyber “ghettos” of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

“This is ghetto, this is corporate, they’re taking your energy and you’re getting nothing in return – nothing!”

Let’s face it. The corporate social media will be regulated too eventually, perhaps willingly.

If copyright law will now limit titles, links, and news headlines, we can no longer call ourselves free, we’re only drones at their disposal. We will not be able to publicly interpret their articles, but only act as receptacles.

Justice Breyer said they’re looking for a global law now, .

Drudge sees Facebook, Twitter, Google News, et al as nothing more than a corporate makeover of the Internet. He’s very concerned about the way corporations are redefining the Internet.

“I’m just warning this country that yes, don’t get into this false sense that you are an individual when you’re on Facebook, no you’re not, you’re a pawn in their scheme,” concluded Drudge.

About Hillary Clinton, he complained that the media is propping up the “old” and “sick” Hillary. She’s not a viable candidate.

Drudge was the first to expose the Monica Lewinsky affair. Years later, Drudge made a mistake and posted a report in 1997 that suggested former White House aide Sidney Blumenthal had beaten his wife Jacqueline, also a Clinton White House aide.

It was a false report and he removed it the next day, profusely and publicly apologizing for his mistake in posting it. He believes it was given to him by someone trying to take him down.

In a much-ballyhooed announcement with the Clintons promoting it, the Blumenthals sued Drudge for $30 million dollars, an absurd amount even by our absurd lawsuit standards.

After four years, Blumenthal settled it and ended up paying Drudge $2500 for travel costs tied to the lawsuit.

It was a “Clinton-approved lawsuit, a Clinton-appointed judge and Clinton’s right-hand man bringing it in”, Drudge said.

Blumenthal said that “suing Drudge was the right thing to do because it was the only way to make absolutely clear that his story was a malicious and reckless lie.

Blumenthal was beaten at his own political game.

Full Interview, Drudge starts speaking at 05:47:


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