May 16 Obama Presser Mistruths – Videos



photo of the 4 Pinocchio IS rating

During the press conference Thursday, Barack Obama blamed Benghazi on funding issues right at the beginning of the presser:


The State Department’s own Charlene Lamb said the budget was not the issue in the security decisions made concerning the consulate:

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President Obama distanced himself from the IRS even though it is an arm of the Executive Branch for which he is responsible. He said, that the IRS has enormous potential power and is involved in everybody’s lives and that is why it has been treated as a quasi-independent agency, insinuating he has nothing to do with it and merely inherited a hands-off approach to the agency:

What do you think about him expecting us to accept that the IRS is an enormous agency which is involved in everyone’s lives?


President Obama was asked by a reporter if he knew about the AP records grab before it occurred. He answered by saying he didn’t know about the IG report:


In the next video, the president says he took the first step by firing the Commissioner. The Commissioner, Steve Miller, was leaving in early June and now that he has been asked to resign, he will leave in early June. President Obama sure is holding people accountable!

Obama also said he will look at the laws and the lack of guidance surrounding the IRS scandal. The laws are clear – what the IRS did is illegal. In terms of guidance, the IRS needs more than guidance because they knew full well what they were doing.

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