McBean Elementary Appears to Have Outlawed Second Amendment Rights


Tanya Mount

Photo of Tanya Mount

Tanya Mount is an Army veteran living in Georgia and she says she was banned from her child’s elementary school for posting a picture of her concealed carry permit on Facebook.

She said that this was the result of a meeting with her child’s principal a few weeks before.

Ms. Mount said she has been made to feel like a criminal. She wants a public apology but she is not going to get it.

The Principal, Janina Dallas, said she’s afraid of her. The school officials did tell Ms. Mount she was welcomed to take her child to another school in the district and she took them up on it.

When she met with the principal in the two weeks prior, she was told, “…that instead of volunteering at the school and playing on the play ground with my daughter I need to be at home doing grown up things.”

Ms. Mount said on Wednesday, she was handed a notice from the Richmond County Board of Education police banning her from trespassing on the school grounds. Her daughter is disabled and they banned her from going near the school.

She asked the police what she did wrong. “The principal is scared of you and she doesn’t want you on the grounds. I ask for what? And he asks were you in the Army and I said yes. He’s like do you have a concealed weapons permit? I said yes,” says Mount.

Prior to this, Ms. Mount was a parent volunteer and had a good relationship with the principal, according to her statement.

A district spokesperson said that the meeting did occur and a ‘no trespass’ order was issued.

Principal Dallas said, “It is my duty and responsibility as the principal of this school to ensure the safety and security of all of our faculty, staff and students.”

Mount reportedly said, “I feel that this is some high school crap.” She is calling for a public apology.

“I am a private person. However, after serving OUR country, it is my DUTY to make sure that our lives are not infringed upon. However, do it all within the confinements of the LAW, I am a law-abiding citizen,” Mount posted on Facebook after the uproar.

Other posts on Mount’s Facebook page are photographs of children trick-or-treating and recipes for pork tenderloin.

We don’t have the full story of what happened at McBean Elementary since the school hasn’t released much information, but if what parent says is accurate, it’s OUTRAGEOUS. An Army veteran with a concealed carry permit is allowed to exercise her Second Amendment right.

If she is a private person, however, she’d be better off staying off Facebook. Busybodies will use the information on Facebook against people.

Full story at Fox News



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