Medicare……Not Necessary?


“Unit  347, Unit 347 please report to death prep.
“Unit 436, Unit 436 clean bill of health, you’re free to leave.”

This the scenario of the not to distant future. A name replaced by a unit number.

However there is much to be grateful for, you see, unlike “Logan’s Run,” you will get to live until the ripe age of 70 yrs.

After that, well, you’ll be able to continue to live a fruitful life provided…….now be careful, for if you trip, fall and perhaps bang your head, an accident that may result in the need for an operation, well you might just be out of luck.

This, my friends, could very well be the implementation of Obamacare Phase II.

Presently, the nation is under going extensive debate and analysis on the preservation of entitlement programs, be it Social Security, Medicaid or Medicare. One question that may be overlooked: Is the debate over entitlements really necessary with the implementation of Obamacare looming on the backdoor of our society?

Has this debacle of of a healthcare been thoroughly vetted?

Based on what has transpired since the passing of this bill one would have to say the devil is in a whole lot more than details.

Enter Obamacare Phase I –

Since it passed we have witnessed massive increases in health insurance costs. Many are the direct results of mandates force on insurance companies, one example is they must increase reserves by over 20% to cover dependents to 26 yrs of age. Lets be clear there is no free meal, every mandate has an corresponding cost.

Monetary costs and mandates, well that’s one tip of the “Titanic Iceberg.” Even more of these stifling initiatives will grow out of the escalating costs.

Was Sarah Palin correct in her analysis of Obamacare when she mentioned “death panels”? While the plan may not say death panel, is the implication, present or not?

Has Palin been proven wrong?

In a bill that stacks up to the size of two over-sized, carry-on suitcases, one would have to say no. Even as time goes by and more waivers are granted it is almost becoming self evident that the funds will simply not be there.

So what to do?

It appears that wrapped in the plan will be a savings in Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. If medical services are indeed cut to those of 70 years, one must assume that these cuts will be the result of attrition, be it ever so unnatural.

With the implementation of hospice or natural death guidelines instead of brain surgery, one can clearly see the savings that would result. If that’s not enough, with this kind of back door or end of life savings plan, more drop-down menus could be implemented. A broken hip could be non-surgical at age 72, heart surgery savings at age 74, and so on.

Why, isn’t it foreseeable that the age could even be dropped down to under 71, thus saving the administrative costs of the three basic entitlement programs.

Now to be fair this idea was revealed by a neurosurgeon on the Mark Levin Show after he attended a conference sit down in Washington with HHS.

The questions are this…. Who do you believe?  What are the details? How will it work?  How can it work? What’s the price you’re willing to pay? Are you willing to roll the dice?

Can you afford to wait for the answer?

Medicare….will it be necessary?

Go to link below for interview.
Levin- Neurosurgeon on Healthcare 11-22-11


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