Memories Pizza Is A Manufactured Crisis by Leftists Says Daughter of A Gay, Transgender Man


by Mary Ann Mc Cormick


The manufactured crisis in Walkerton over Memories Pizza is completely manufactured by the leftists. It’s not about LGBT, it’s about 2016, it’s about distracting from Iran, and it’s about making this issue and other leftist issues more important than all the failures of leftist ideology.

I am the daughter of a gay transgender man who unfortunately married a woman, well, not unfortunately for me. My religion teaches me tolerance but it also teaches me that gay marriage is not marriage. It does not teach me to hate gays, but to love them. I was never taught gays were evil for what they believe in. I am Catholic.

My father would not have married a man, he didn’t believe in it. Does that make him a bigot against his own kind? Is he allowed to have his own views or must he walk in lockstep with the leftists?

The crisis in Walkerton and the hate being spewed by the leftists is from the leftist gays, not normal or Republican gays. It’s a disgraceful and manufactured exhibition, blown out of proportion in order to distract from the failings of the leftists and to heap hateful invective upon Republicans. It’s also an anti-Christian movement.

My father is also a Republican by the way and he’s still gay and he’s still a transgender and, no, he’s not still married. It worked fine in the beauty salon where he was employed.

Republicans had better start defending Christians and explaining what RRFA is and what religious freedom is really about or we will lose it all. We are letting the left-wing define it as bigotry.

Some day, the peaceful Christians will rise up. They greatly outnumber leftist LGBTs, and when they do, it won’t be good. Most Christians love their neighbors and that includes LGBTS. The hate is coming from a small number of people on both ends of the spectrum and we are letting them rule us.

Don’t underestimate how far-left the Democratic party has gone and what they are willing to do and who they are willing to use to get to their destination. The Democratic party are leftists.

Memories Pizza of Walkerton, Indiana, is a small family shop in a small town of only 2,200 people. The owner, Mr. O’Connor said he had no problem serving LGBT people, he just wouldn’t cater a gay wedding.

If anyone does hope to hold a gay pizza wedding it might be the first in the nation. Nevertheless, there is a hate-filled firestorm gathering around his shop and he’s been forced to close his doors, at least for now.

The shop is 1950’s style with red booths and black-and-white tiles. They have a piano and a prayer suggestion box. They pray together every morning. Perhaps that is why they were chosen.


According to Liberty Unyielding, the ABC57 News crew went from shop to shop looking for someone to say they support the state’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

ABC decided to make them the subject of their story as the first business to publicly deny same-sex service though they denied service to no one.

As I have often said, don’t talk to the media! They will burn you for a story, even if it’s fabricated.

Crystal O’Connor, daughter of the owner, said on Tuesday that she would have to deny a gay couple a pizza wedding. This should have been laughed off, but instead it became the center of hate and acrimonious invective.

Kevin O’Connor, Crystal O’Connor’s father and a co-owner of the store, told ABC.

“That lifestyle is something they choose,” he said. “I choose to be heterosexual. They choose to be homosexual. Why should I be beat over the head to go along with something they choose?”

TMZ reported that Memories has temporarily closed its doors after being met with threatening telephone calls and criticism on social media.

Tyrannical and vulgar bullies are going after them on the pages of  YelpFacebook, and Google+. Is this necessary? Is this what our country is now? I’m tired of hearing how hurt gays are. These extreme groups are trying to destroy people who aren’t doing anything but disagreeing with them. The O’Connors denied no one anything! They are being tormented because they said they’d deny a pizza wedding.

One hater bought “memories” and put a Phallus-shaped Pizza on it, which  Daily Kos reported gleefully.

The vulgarity and hate will certainly not win friends to their cause. Nonetheless there is plenty of it.

Here are some of the tamer comments from Yelp.


hot and delicious

Most gay people don’t approve of this hate-spewing, business destroying over-reaction. I have to believe that. There were some who responded like the person below.

sane gay


Then there’s this from a person who wants to destroy them, not for what they did, but for what they believe.


The misinformation is peddled freely without conscience like this next comment. Memories Pizza is serving gays. How do you even know if someone is gay or not when they come in? It’s ridiculous and this comment below is ridiculous.

not true

There are defenders.






This one in particular struck me.


There is aGoFundMe page called “Support Memories Pizza” set up to raise $35,000 for the embattled restaurant got almost $50,000 from more than 1,300 donors in 11 hours.

“We’re not discriminating against anyone,” Kevin O’Connor said. “That’s just our belief and anyone has the right to believe in anything.” She added that she was a supporter of RFRA.

Governor Pence simply wants to protect religious liberty, not support anti-LGBT legislation and his law is the similar to 19 other states and the federal government. He is going to have it fixed so it mirrors the federal law, but that is not good enough for the haters.

You see, the thing is Pence is a Republican and the leftists are gearing up for 2016 and they need to distract from the disaster that is Obama’s foreign and domestic policies. It’s also against Christians. These people are anti-religion and they Fascists.

The LGBT organizations are leftists first, they support the far-left cause before all else. These are not normal gays but normal gays stay quiet. Many are Democrats and many see how much the LGBTs have done for them, but, in the end, they too will one day have to decide who represents them and Republicans will have to explain themselves a lot better.



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