Mexican-US Border Open to Drug Cartels and Terrorists for Goats


pronghorn goat Photo of the pronghorn goat, more important than the safety and security of Americans

Utah Congressman Rob Bishop visited the US-Mexican border and what he found should shock and appall you. Most drug cartels and terrorists cross our borders through federal wilderness. Border agents can’t pursue them because our government is afraid law enforcement will interfere with the wildlife. Pronghorn goats are of particular concern. The goats don’t stop the criminals, however, and they – the criminals – are destroying the habitat. The US federal lands are now too dangerous for Americans to enter.

The most frequented route for drug cartels and terrorists is through federal lands. Border agents are not allowed to follow illegal criminals into US federal lands because the government in their wisdom feels law enforcement might harm some animals or plants with their vehicles. The criminals of course don’t care and have made a home there.

The kinds of people coming across our borders, mostly through federal lands, should terrify you:

Congressman Bishop says that three branches of government are responsible for federal land which accounts for 40% of the southern border with Mexico  – DHS, Department of Interior, and the Forestry Service. Four million acres of the land is in the wilderness territory.

To protect a small number of pronghorn goats and other designated wildlife/plants, border patrol is not allowed to pursue drug cartels and human traffickers into federally-owned wilderness – only the criminal illegals go in. Ironically, these same criminals destroy the land and kill and rape people in these lands, lands well within the US border.

These areas which are as I said, well within the US border, have been taken over by the cartels. It is unsafe for citizens to enter these lands, and, again, border patrol is not allowed to go in.

The cartels are now in possession of millions of acres of US territory which we have ceded to them for the sake of goats and the like.

To give you an example of the insanity, a communication tower that was essential for the border patrol to do their work was not allowed to be put on a wilderness designation. It was instead put in an area where it would not work. It created a black hole for communications that is three miles wide and the cartels go through there unscathed. This tower was moved to allow the wildlife to run free.

This is nuts! Before we legalize anyone, we need to address these problems:

Watch the full video of Congressman Bishop explaining some of the many issues at youtube.

Congressman Bishop should be in charge of Homeland Security.

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