Mexico Wants Strict US Gun Laws While Breaking Their Own


Hello Mexico

Mexico is preparing to formally ask the U.S. Senate to register commercial guns held by private owners in the border states in the U.S. and provide them – Mexico – with the information.

President Obama claimed that 90% of the guns winding up in Mexico are from the United States. If one doesn’t count the nearly 3,000 guns our DOJ arranged to be sold to the cartels during the failed Fast & Furious Operation, there is no conceivable way to know how many guns are going to Mexico from the U.S.

Far more guns are confiscated in Mexico than are submitted for tracing. In 2007, for example, roughly 29,000 guns were recovered in gun crimes according to Mexican officials and only 7,500 of those were traced by the ATF. Many of the guns submitted are done so because they are likely to have come from the U.S.

There is simply no hard data from Mexico and there is no way to calculate the percentage of guns coming from the U.S. [factcheck]

U.S. guns do wind up in Mexico and that is as much as we can prove. What we can prove is that illegal guns are available from South America, Israel, Russia and China anytime Mexico wants them.

Mexico has very strict gun laws but they are useless. Mexico is held up at times as the exemplar of gun laws. The exemplar is the same country completely overrun by brutal armed gun cartels.

They have a constitutional right to bear arms but they have one gun store run by the army and there are severe restrictions of private gun ownership. It is the model that President Obama appears to be after.

In Mexico, drug cartels are armed to the teeth and law-abiding citizens struggle to get a gun permit. Most Mexicans have guns however. They have been forced to become law-breakers while the government turns a blind eye.

“Most Mexican families do have guns in their homes, and they’re illegal,” said Alex LeBaron, a Chihuahua state representative and native of the town of LeBaron.

Of 15.5 million guns owned in 2007, only 4.5 million were legally registered. [] The numbers remain about the same even today.

Mexico has no interest in tightening their gun laws, only ours. Well, hey it’s worked so well for them!

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