Mikey Weinstein Talks to Himself on The O’Reilly Factor


Mikey Weinstein, the infamous leader of the Military Freedom from Religion Foundation, had his mic cut by Bill O’Reilly last night after being told he was a jerk, a weasel, a bloviator, and he made no sense. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

Weasel Weinstein

Mikey Weinstein.

We are looking out for the weasels at the IS.

Weinstein is responsible for having nativity scenes removed from two locations in GITMO. Our soldiers aren’t allowed to enjoy Christmas because Weinstein said 18 cowardly practicing Christians and Protestants were very upset about their presence. Of course these supposed complainants are anonymous. I hear the military at GITMO are on a mission to find out who they are – if they even exist. I have my doubts.

The commanders on the base who removed the scenes are cowards too. They caved to the jerk Weinstein.

Here’s the fun segment:


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