Mitch McConnell’s Mission Is to Present Strong Do-Nothing Opposition to the Leftist Agenda



No one can accuse McConnell’s Senate of trying to speak to their base or oppose anything with any vitality.

Mitch McConnell, and John McCain for that matter, earn good ratings as Conservatives for the bills McConnell selects and the Senate passes or attempts to pass. However, it’s the ones he doesn’t let on the floor for discussion or votes that need to be used to evaluate Mitch McConnell.

Can anyone really tell the difference between the Republicans and the Democrats to evaluate them?

Last week, Ted Cruz accused Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell of lying and made a pretty good case for it. He did something else significant, he exposed a number of issues that McConnell won’t allow the Senate to consider.

McConnell originally wouldn’t allow a discussion of a bill to defund Planned Parenthood, an abortion behemoth burdened with scandals over the years that takes half-a-billion dollars out of taxpayer’s pockets annually.

The group trying to expose their unethical and possibly illegal practices is under investigation by Obama’s DOJ but Planned Parenthood is not, though they callously sell aborted baby body parts and change the method of killing babies without telling the mothers to better preserve the parts they can then sell.

Some issues do not have two sides and this is one of them.

The Republican party is presenting no significant opposition as a party.

Last week, The Federalist wondered if McConnell would allow a bill on defunding Planned Parenthood (PP) to be attached to the Highway bill. It was a “test” they wrote for the senator who claims to be opposed to funding PP. They wondered if he would signal he cares more about the priorities of corporate welfare than on those of the American people. We have our answer of course.

The author of the article said it better than I could:

Abortion providers like to consider their vocation one driven by deep idealism and compassion—and perhaps they’ve convinced themselves of this lie. The reality is they’re involved in a moneymaking enterprise, heavily subsidized by taxpayers. What these experts represent is morally reprehensible to many Americans, but their presence also represents a huge conflict of interest beyond any ethical questions. Planned Parenthood is the worst kind of crony capitalist… [N]early everyone in the expert working group is either connected to Planned Parenthood or benefits from increased numbers of abortion.”

McConnell at first would allow it as a stand-alone bill, but it would require 60 votes to pass and never would. McConnell knows that. He won’t use Harry Reid’s nuclear option or Harry Reid’s practice of adding unrelated amendments unless it’s something he supports such as Ex-Im.

He changed his mind on Sunday about a Planned Parenthood bill but froze out Ted Cruz and Mike Lee.

The Export-Import Bank (Ex-Im), which McConnell claimed to oppose and which brought Cruz to the point of calling McConnell a liar, is viewed by conservatives as corporate welfare and crony capitalism at its worst. It’s supposed to help small businesses compete in the global market but it barely does. What it does do is favor large U.S. and foreign countries with tax dollars.

Kate’s law, which Barack Obama promised to veto, defunds sanctuary cities. McConnell will have none of it.

McConnell did allow a vote on defunding Obamacare even though he knows they don’t have the 60 votes to pass it. It’s purely a PR move. It’s a “show” vote.

Does McConnell, or any Republican for that matter, actually make the case against Obamacare? Even fake opposition?

On issues important to the American public like sanctuary cities, McConnell “fills the tree”. In other words, he fills the time up with irrelevant and petty issues so no one else can offer an amendment.

McConnell’s response to being called a liar by Ted Cruz was to let his colleagues attack Cruz for him. The Senate Republicans stood up for their crony leader and almost no one stood up for the truth.

Do McConnell and the Republicans think open borders and the Iran deal are good for the country? If they do, where is the opposition?

Glenn Beck called McConnell a “ruthless, authoritarian leader of the GOP” who publicly takes a stand against progressivism but privately couldn’t care less about things like the IRS scandal.

McConnell is proud that the Senate is working again but it’s working because he sends bills to Obama that he won’t veto.


Beck said that McConnell “is as big a danger to this country as Barack Obama is. The progressive disease is in both parties. Big government is a philosophy in both parties, period. It is antithetical to the American system. Period.”

In 2014, McConnell ended debate on the bill to increase the nation’s debt ceiling. He didn’t want a shutdown and the villain is Cruz in his mind.

McConnell had no problem bringing Fast Track to the floor despite opposition. Barack Obama has already said he can use at least one trade bill to further his climate change agenda. Ironically, it could end up hastening the destruction of McConnell’s own coal state. That is yet to be seen.

McConnell has an extraordinary commitment to preserving NSA’s unlimited and illegal surveillance. There is no gross invasion of privacy that is too much for him.

McConnell likened the ending of bulk collection to “tying our hands behind our backs.”

His claims don’t match his actions very often. His 2008 reelection campaign focused heavily on his ability to secure pork-barrel spending for Kentucky, which shows little respect for the taxpayer or small government.

The New Republic’s Alec MacGillis authored an e-book, “The Cynic: The Political Education of Mitch McConnell”, and he sees McConnell as serving not at the behest of country, but at the behest of party and personal aggrandizement.


Dee Huddleston

MacGillis described McConnell as the quintessential politician who put out one of the best political ads of all time when he ran against Dee Huddleston, an ad put together by Roger Ailes, a true genius.

McConnell doesn’t have the looks of a JFK nor does he have the charisma of a Ronald Reagan, but he can campaign.

The more he’s learned about the benefits of fundraising, the more he’s liked the “soft money” he once deplored, according to MacGillis.

McConnell lives, breathes and eats politics, MacGillis heard over and over again while writing his book. Without it, he’d wither and die.

Perhaps politicians only care about getting re-elected.

The Republican party does not present strong opposition to the leftist agenda though they are the opposition party, they present no pushback, they won’t attempt to stop Barack Obama, and Mitch McConnell leads the do-nothing movement.

There might be something else going on. Some suggest the administration has the goods on too many people. He certainly has the databases that dig out the dirt. Perhaps they want to rid the party of Conservatives, maybe they all became liberals. Who knows.

Trump presents opposition and he won’t offer on-demand apologies for the press. That’s the secret to his rise.I’m not necessarily a supporter of Donald Trump for president, but he is doing some things the Republicans should imitate.  Republicans are losing support among the general public and there is no secret as to the reason why. They’re behaving like the Do-Nothing party with Do-Nothing Rulers. Fortunately, there are some good men and a woman running for office that could hopefully change this self-destructive direction and will call for limited government.


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Herbert R.
7 years ago

The seduction/lucrative allure of cronyism has captured them all. Big government aka socialism reigns supreme.

7 years ago

McConnell should take his 30 pieces of silver and go find a tree.