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By now, everyone has heard that the Pope has resigned, the first Pope to do so in 600 years. The conclave is to meet and appoint a new pope by Easter, March 31st. He resigned due to age and lack of energy. No one knew this was coming except his Chief of Staff and his brother. I don’t know who would want that job right now.

You have undoubtedly heard that Nancy Pelosi granted an interview to Chris Wallace which was aired yesterday on Fox News Sunday. She said: we don’t have a spending problem; raising the age of Medicare won’t save money;the Buffet Rule isn’t a tax;and she avows the gun rights afforded us by the First Amendment (you read write, she said the First Amendment).

Obama’s State of the Union will include the usual Progressive agenda with attacks on Republicans. If Republicans vote down sequester, they will be accused of killing people.

1. A new book, “Benghazi: The Definitive Report” (William Morrow) by Jack Murphy and Brandon Webb, two military veterans, places the blame for Benghazi square on the shoulders of John Brennan, our next likely CIA Director. They give no checkable sources however. It is like getting an anonymous letter complaining about an employee. I always put those in the circular file. It sounds like hogwash – show me the evidence!

For what it’s worth, a summary of the 80-page book by the NY Post, claims that it is based on interviews with secret types.

They claim that the CIA, Petraeus, and the hit squads didn’t know about the secret operations and were caught off-guard. Petraeus was allegedly furious about being left out. The word they had was that they wanted Petraeus out.

2. Black conservatives appear to be targets of the Twitter dictators according to a post by Todd Stearnes:

A black pro-life coalition had its Twitter account shut down after they announced plans on the social networking site to protest the NAACP.


“Twitter shut us down,” said Stephen Broden, a spokesman for the National Black Prolife Coalition and Dallas-area pastor.

Their trouble started on Jan. 28 when Leroy Dodd, the group’s social media manager, sent out a tweet promoting the demonstration against the NAACP at the Image Awards.

“We sent out our first tweet at 9:17 a.m.,” he told Fox News. “Eight tweets later we were shut down.”

Dodd said he received a message from Twitter advising him that he had been suspended.

“I had to acknowledge I had been reported and I needed to change my behavior,” Dodd said.

He complied and the suspension was lifted – but when he put out another tweet accusing the NAACP of betraying the black community – the account was shut down again….

“By that evening we were completely suspended and we remained suspended for several days.”

3. Syria’s Christian minority faces extinction at the hands of Islamists and criminals with crimes of convenience. Read about it here. The rebels, replete with Islamists, are now fighting for Damascus.

4. The Hagel vote could come up as early as Tuesday but some GOP members threaten to walk out. Democrat Carl Levin will likely schedule the sequestration hearing at the same time because he didn’t like the Republicans’ questions during the Panetta questioning last week. Levin is Jewish and apparently has no problem with Hagel saying that if Israel faces an existential threat, we should not engage.

5. Barack is renewing his pledge to disarm us with a drastic reduction in our nuclear stockpile using a Russian treaty as an excuse. We will hear about it during the State of the Union address according to the NY Times. He believes it will save us money without compromising security. This is the man who believes we can negotiate with Iran and Syria.

6. Senator Menendez tried to discourage the US government from donating port security equipment to the Dominican Republic, saying that it might undermine efforts by a private company – that would be the company run by his felonious friend, Dr. Salomon E. Medgen. [NY Times]

Mr. Menendez recently said, “Nobody has bought me., No. 1, Nobody, Never.” He blamed all his troubles on lies by a right wing blog.

7. I mentioned yesterday that there aren’t enough doctors in Cali to cover Obamacare. I thought I’d mention it again because it will happen throughout the country. It’s tough when you have to pay for everyone’s nose bleeds and hangnails, even those who are here illegally.

8. The Volt is on fire! Only literally, not insofar as its sales are concerned.

The Volt reached 38% of its sales goals, despite massive taxpayer subsidies. The Obamacar was GM’s future.

GM has an unfunded pension liability of over $100 billion, which is twice the company’s valuation. I am soooo glad we bailed them out. They lost billions in taxpayer dollars while claiming record profits and they pretended they paid taxpayers back.

Now they have plans to build a ritzier Volt power plant and why, I have  no idea. They claim it will be “purpose driven,” as opposed to what it was apparently. [Townhall]

9. Senator Graham et al are threatening to hold up the National Security nominees until they have answers on Benghazi.

10. The new Massachusetts Senator, Mo Cowan, once planned “friendly takeovers” of Boston restaurants by blacks because they didn’t have enough black patrons. Blacks are about 13% of the population but I wonder if he thinks they need to have more of a 13% presence. [Daily Caller]

11. The targets of Obama’s “kill list” might get a lot bigger. [WSJ]

12. The Daily Beast reports that Roger Ailes said Obama foments hate by dividing us into groups. The Daily Beast is shocked but I don’t know why. It’s true.

Ailes said, “The President likes to divide people into groups. He’s too busy getting the middle class to hate rich people, blacks to hate whites. he is busy trying to get everybody to hate each other. We need to get along.”

That won’t happen under Obama Mr. Ailes.

13. The Taliban is now threatening anyone who sells Viagra. They have decided it is against Sharia’h law.  [Weasel Zippers]

14. Best yet, Ahmadinejad says he will deign to talk to the weak-kneed Obama if he undergoes an attitude change and that means we must lift the sanctions as they build a nuclear bomb. I don’t doubt Hagel will do exactly that to whatever degree he can. []

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