Morality Is Insufficient Reason for a Teacher to Be Excused from Class


Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion provider in the country, went into a tutorial class in Oregon to recruit students for The Teen Outreach Program (TOP), luring them with $5 gift certificates. The math teacher, Bill Diss, told Planned Parenthood they were not allowed in the class. It cost him his job.

Bill Diss

Bill Diss

Bill Diss was a math and technology teacher in Portland Public Schools for 11 years who had good reviews until 2007.

In 2007, he became involved with churches and mosques in the area to try and stop the building of a Planned Parenthood abortion center. The principal of his school questioned him about his efforts and told him not to mention that he was a teacher while conducting his activities.

His political activities accelerated, but on his own time, according to his statements. Planned Parenthood began to lobby against him with the school administration. At the same time, his evaluations began to take a downturn and letters of reprimand became a regular occurrence, according to life news.

Mr. Diss charges the school fired him because of Planned Parenthood’s lobbying efforts, depriving him of his right to free speech.

A spokesperson for the school district said he was not fired for his political activities. The district cannot give their side of things in personnel matters and all testimony comes from Mr. Diss. However, he had many parents and staff who supported him and praised him and his teaching ability. He was fired by the Board of Education with only one dissenting vote.

After Mr. Diss kicked Planned Parenthood out of the classroom, the Principal came to the scene and reversed his decision. He asked to be excused from the classroom while Planned Parenthood was present on ‘moral grounds.’ She said that was insufficient reason to be excused.


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