Mr. Obama Tells the World That Russia’s Seizure of Ukraine Was Out of Weakness – No Applause


It is the last day of the Nuclear Security Summit (NSS) in The Hague, Netherlands, Tuesday, March 25th and President Obama addressed the world on the situation with Russia alongside Dutch PM Mark Rutte.

President Obama brought up Ukraine and said that Putin’s actions are out of weakness not strength. Russia is not our geopolitical foe, he said, it’s a “regional power” that threatens its neighbors. Mr. Obama seems unaware of the fact that Russia has been involved in Latin American and Asian affairs and plans to open military bases in Nicaragua, Venezuela, Cuba, the Saychelles, Singapore, et al.

“America’s got a whole lot of challenges,” Obama said. “Russia is a regional power that is threatening some of its immediate neighbors, not out of strength but out of weakness,” Mr. Obama said.

Using a diversionary tactic, he said, “Russia’s actions are a problem. They don’t pose the number one national security threat to the United States. I continue to be much more concerned when it comes to our security with the prospect of a nuclear weapon going off in Manhattan.”

These quotes were in response to being asked about Gov. Romney’s comments in 2012 that Russia is a serious geopolitical foe.

He also said annexing Crimea is not a “done deal” though everyone in the world who gets the news knows it’s a done deal.

He said there would be more sanctions but he didn’t come up with any. He said stronger sanctions will be leveled if Putin takes more of Ukraine. In other words, he gave Putin the okay to take more of Ukraine.

No one clapped, maybe one person:

People didn’t clap:

According to NBC News, Mr. Obama did an interview with the Dutch paper de Volkskrant and did not answer these three questions:

1. How do you fight the perspective that America withdraws from the world and is no longer feared by his opponents?

2. Sanctions are a slow working medicine which perhaps doesn’t work at all. How do you expect to keep Putin in the meantime in check?

3. Is it still possible for countries like Ukraine and Georgia to become NATO member? How likely is it that we return to a situation of limited sovereignty for the immediate neighbors of Russia?

I would like to hear the answers to these questions.

Obama mocking Romney: