Murder in Another Gun-Free Zone


The suspect in the shooting of a UCLA professor has been named as PhD candidate Mainak Sarkar. The victim was Professor William Klug. He was a teacher in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, according to his official bio on the school’s website.

Sarkar was a native of Minneapolis and had a PhD in solid mechanics from UCLA.

He also killed a woman on his “hit list.” She was found today.

He went to the school clad in black and armed with a pistol. UCLA is a gun-free zone so the only people who generally have guns are the bad guys, This happened the day before National Gun Awareness Day but it should be National Gun-Free Zone Awareness Day.

Gun-Free Zones are killing fields. The research proves it.

The Daily Bruin reported that Sarkar had been described as a white male who six feet tall but they took that back. You can see Mr. Sarkur’s photo below who is a foreigner from India studying for his doctorate.


Bill Klug, a professor of mechanical engineering, was gunned down in an engineering building office by Sarkur who then killed himself. The gunman claimed Professor Klug stole his computer code which, by all accounts, was an absurd accusation. Actually, most characterize the claims as “psychotic”.

Prof. Bill Klug, devoted father of two.
Prof. Bill Klug, devoted father of two.

“Bill was an absolutely wonderful man, just the nicest guy you would ever want to meet,” said a collaborator, UCLA Professor Alan Garfinkel. “Devoted family man, superb mentor and teacher to so many students. He was my close colleague and friend. Our research together was to build a computer model of the heart, a 50 million variable ‘virtual heart’ that could be used to test drugs,” First Post reported.

Peter Gianusso, who headed the El Segundo Little League where Klug coached, said he “exemplified what Little League was all about: character, courage and loyalty.”

“He had a special relationship with his son through baseball, was a great coach, spent countless hours on the field with the boys and girls of El Segundo Little League,” Gianusso said.

Featured Image Photo Is Not From UCLA, It’s a File Photo



  1. This is what happens in a society riddled with people who feel a sense of “entitlement”. My heartfelt sympathies to Prof. Klug family.

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