Muslim Illegal Immigrant Arms Dealer Nabbed in Florida


We have been told that illegal immigrant terrorists won’t bother coming across our southern border because it’s so much easier to come other ways. That is true though that doesn’t mean it isn’t one means of illegal immigration that must be shuttered. The US is admitting 280,000 Muslims this year alone on student and travel visas, H1-B visas, refugees status and so on. However, that doesn’t mean it won’t happen.

About 40% of illegal immigrants don’t come through our porous southern border, they just hop on a a plane and disappear. That, by the way, was NOT dealt with in the two thousand page Senate immigration bill we were told would solve so many problems.

Jihadis are definitely tied to drug cartels south of our border and they are living in these countries.

Breitbart reported that an illegal immigrant Muslim from the UAE living in Melbourne, Florida, 25-year-old Hamid Mohamed Ahmed Ali Rehaif, was caught with lots of money and lots of weapons and ammo. He was living comfortably.

25-year-old Hamid Mohamed Ahmed Ali Rehaif
25-year-old Hamid Mohamed Ahmed Ali Rehaif

Hamid admitted he was shooting guns at a gun range that previous week.

“Agents located rounds of handgun and rifle ammunition in his hotel room and in a storage unit that he had rented, but they did not locate any firearms,” the U.S. Attorney’s Office explained in a release. Hamid said he sold or disposed of the weapons.

Police had learned that Rehaif had been staying at the hotel for 53 nights — checking out every morning and checking back into a different room every night.

According to the complaint, Rehaif spent more than $11,000 in cash on room fees.

In the LEAST, he was an arms dealer. Who was he selling arms to? Drug cartels, radical Islamists?

He owned 10 cell phones but didn’t explain why to investigators.

He came here on a student visa in 2013 which he jumped when he was kicked out of college. I’m surprised they even know that.

Just this past week a third or fourth in command to Jeh Johnson couldn’t answer a single question about the screening process and one of the things she knew nothing about was student visas – how many are here, who they are, where they are, is there a process to find them. You can listen to this top level official on the link.

Deputy Assistant Secretary of Screening Coordination Officer of Policy, Department of Homeland Security, Knows Nothing

Why is this guy still here? What is an illegal Muslim doing shooting guns and stockpiling ammo? Does he have connections to radical Islamists (of course). Investigators won’t disclose these details most likely because Obama ordered them to shut up, as usual.

If you don’t own a gun, buy one and keep it locked and loaded. Take safety training courses and teach your children about guns. Our government is not keeping us safe.




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