Muslims Attack English Defense League Bus


On September 3rd, over 2000 members of the English Defense League marched (peacefully) through Tower Hamlets, which is an Islamic area of London where whites are not allowed. After the demonstration, about a hundred Muslim teenagers followed the coach and attacked as you can see in the video. The members of the EDL were detained by police, possibly for their own safety. 2000 is an intimidating number, granted, but why is any area of London off bounds for anyone?

The EDL is often attacked as a far right group. They are, as they say, fed up with the Islamic onslaught in their country.

There is something very wrong when areas in London are totally controlled by Islamists and other Englishmen are not allowed. I think about the signs in some of our parks along the Mexico border which indicate it is too dangerous for Americans because the parks have been taken over by drug cartels. I wonder about takeovers various ethnic groups in our country that will not assimilate. Americans need to look at London and be forewarned.

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