Muslims on Egyptian TV Wonder If Obama Is Insane or on Drugs


by Froy


You have to see this video, it’s funny. On Egyptian TV, the host and other guests discussed Barack Obama’s recent climate change as the greatest national security speech and they were not impressed.

One wanted to know if Obama is insane while another said he’s on drugs. Former “general Mansour” said “What do you expect from an affirmative action president?” as he slammed his hand down hard on the table. He continued, “This guy has never served in the military. Never worked a day in his life.”

“I’m sure there’s a perfectly reasonable explanation and he’s not trying to destroy his country,” the host said laughing.

There’s more. They weren’t any kinder to Michelle or Barack’s exercise video.

The “General” was funny. He wants us to wake up. I’m with him!

You have to watch it. It’s short.



  1. Sometimes titles get missed, especially one as small and as neat as yours (no asterisks by it). Also adding SPOOF in bold in the first lead sentence might get it noticed. Believe it or not, in our mis-educated US, many people do not even know what satire means.

  2. It may sound like idiocy, but our Traitor in Chief has a very specific Alinsky plan to bring in the #LeftIslamicAxis. He is not ignoring catastrophic world events, he is helping to create them for the umma and the caliphate. When he talks about global warming, he is using taqiyya jihad – lying to deflect from the real issue, that islam must triumph (koran 9:33). Look one way and we don’t see the other coming.
    Unfortunately reporters are not shrugging their shoulders, they are told to report as they are doing because the moslems, ie Saudis, have invested heavily in the MSM; this is why we hear “prophet mohammad” out of them when we never heard, “Lord Jesus Christ.” This is stealth jihad and preparation for the public to accept islam as the country’s political system, sharia and the #leftIslamicAxis.

  3. I was sent this in an email and with my limited language skills knew the narrative did not fit the actual words being said. My friend was very disappointed that it wasn’t true.

    Nevertheless, it was hilarious. Someone did a lot of work editing that.

  4. Every word is true, satire or not. His speech would be considered a gag reel if the ramifications were not so grave. This speech is proof that Obama cannot defend our nation and must be removed from office.

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