Nationalization of Driver’s License Regulations Is Now a Reality



Rule by petty bureaucrats is coming to a state near you in the form of REAL ID’s. The new IDs are supposed to be an effort to keep terrorists from getting IDs and they replace driver’s licenses as IDs to get on planes.

This is what is known as turning a simple process into a bureaucratic mess!

When you review the bureaucracy attached to them, you will find it hard to believe it will prevent anything. It’s just another bureaucratic morass.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security kept putting them off enforcement of the law because states complained about the costs and bureaucracy and because civil rights groups objected to it as an invasion of privacy. They are rolling it out now over objections.

Politicians have been pushing for a national ID card and many see REAL IS as the camel’s nose under the tent. In 2005, the REAL ID Act passed into law and it is now being fully implemented.

The Act was passed in stages and at first required the IDs for secure facilities, but is now required at airports starting in January 2016. A passport can substituted.

These are the same people who don’t want IDs for voting.

The cards capture specific data about the person and associate it with a unique number. It is in addition to social security cards which are often used to obtain other forms of ID.

Opponents are worried that the REAL ID database will eventually merge with FBI data systems like the Next Generation Identification System which stores biometric data on Americans, even some who haven’t committed a crime. The system is in lieu of fingerprints and includes biometric data..

While some states have passed laws against the REAL ID program, state-issued ID cards like driver’s license will eventually be non-compliant. The TSA isn’t accepting state-issued driver’s licenses unless they are REAL-ID compliant.

States rights are taking a direct hit. It is nationalizing the rules for issuing driver’s licenses.

Check out the new costly and bureaucratic requirements:

  • Authority
  • Data Retention and Storage
  • DL/ID Document Standards
  • Grants to States
  • Immigration Requirements
  • Linking of Databases
  • Minimum DL/ID Issuance Standards
  • Minimum Standards for Federal Use
  • Repeal of 9/11 Commission Implementation Act DL/ID Provisions
  • Security and Fraud Prevention Standards
  • Verification of Documents

The national license/ID standards cover:

  • How the states must share their databases both domestically and internationally through the AAMVA
  • What data must be included on the card and what technology it is encoded with
  • What documentation must be presented and electronically stored before a card can be issued

A Real ID-compliant form of identification requires the following pieces of data: Full legal name, Signature, Date of birth, Gender, Unique, identifying number, Principal residence address, Front-facing photograph of the applicant. Said cards must also feature specific security features intended to prevent tampering, counterfeiting, or duplication of the document for fraudulent purposes. These cards must also present data in a common, machine-readable format (bar codes, smart card technology, etc.).

Section 202(c)(3) of the Real ID Act[27] requires the states to “verify, with the issuing agency, the issuance, validity, and completeness of each document” that is required to be presented by a driver’s license applicant to prove their identity, birth date, legal status in the U.S., social security number and the address of their principal residence. The same section states that the only foreign document acceptable is a foreign passport.

The IDs with RFID chips enable tracking of the individual and they could be hacked by identity thieves. People see this as a first step in forcing people to get a national ID. RFID chips aren’t required at the present time. People worry about the U.S. becoming a surveillance state, but don’t worry that’s just a conspiracy theory.

What do you think, good idea or more dangerous big government?



  1. Preventing terrorists from getting ID’s? Who is the idiot thinking that this will help. Just another way to herd the masses, nothing more.

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