New Police Tactic – Let Baltimore Protests Turn Violent But Not Too Violent


Baltimore riots 1

The mostly “peaceful protests” near Camden Yards in Baltimore turned violent last night as the protesters warned it would.

They destroyed cars, police cars, robbed a producer, and looted stores.

Balt rioters looting stores

Former DC detective Rod Wheeler joined Fox & Friends this morning to explain what went on. Mr. Wheeler is a great guy but his promotion of the new policing techniques needs to be challenged.

The police deliberately allowed the protesters to do this, Mr. Wheeler observed. They stayed out of the picture. There were no military-type uniforms. There were no armored cars, he said.

Some officers didn’t wear helmets, he reported as if it was a positive step.

That seems to be putting the police in grave danger.

After they destroyed some cars and committed crimes, the police started moving in.

It’s similar to what went on in Ferguson when the mayor allowed 28 stores to burn down to keep the criminals calm.

Mr. Wheeler said the new tactics generated a different response from the crowd. It’s what they learned from Ferguson.

The crowd gets more aggressive if the police do, so now the police confine them to an area but when “they really start becoming destructive, we start moving in.”

“For the most part,” Wheeler said, “it wasn’t that bad.”

Tea Party protesters committed no acts of violence and left no filth or damage behind, but these protesters can damage, steal, attack police cars, commit crimes and it’s not “that bad?”

Freddie Gray’s sister, Fredericka, said “Please, please, stop the violence.” She said Freddie’s parents would not want violence. “Violence does not do justice”.

Allowing anarchy and violence in the name of justice is injustice. If Freddie Gray was murdered or not treated when he should have been, then the justice system must take care of it, not radical vigilantes.

A Ruptly producer was robbed while filming.

Photos via Daily Mail. In the last one, a man is throwing a trash can at a police line.

looted store 2

looted store3

looters in Baltimore

throwing trash can at a line of police

At least two people were hurt and 12 arrested, even with the new layback, let them let off steam policing.

This is an update from Sooper Mexican. Apparently the Baltimore mayor thought it necessary to give people who want to “destroy” some space.

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