New Teen Show Says “Incest Is Hot, And We’re Going to Have Fun!”


Star Bianca Santos told the audience in a Q&A session at the TCA Summer TV Press Tour July 11, in the way of introducing her new MTV show, Happylands, that “incest is hot, and we’re going to have fun.” The show has a sub-plot that deals with incest between a brother and sister but it’s okay because they might no be brother and sister and they didn’t know before they kissed.

MTV hopes to further the depravity in our society with this new risqué teen show and the producers will go as far as they think they can no doubt. Happylands, for the purposes of the show, is an unpopular amusement park and the show explores the underbelly of the park.  This is a show for teenagers. We’ve come a long way since American Bandstand.

Bianca Santos

Bianca Santos blithely says “incest is hot, and we’re going to have fun.”

It’s hard to know where this plot will go, but the fact that she would say what she said gives us an idea.

My father was a bisexual, transgender pedophile who molested me. Anyone who is willing to even joke about incest being hot is paving the way for a degradation of society and is attempting to make something obscene acceptable. It’s very unfeeling towards victims like me.

I don’t know how far this show will go. For now, the show’s plot or subplot has a brother and sister making out not knowing they are brother and sister. However, Santos’ callous and unfeeling comment shows they are capable of going much further.

Can’t these writers and producers come up with imaginative plots? How do their minds work? They appear to be in a gutter.

How would these people like it if they were the victims of molestation? Victims never recover – NEVER! It’s a life sentence.

This TV show seeks to make something totally unacceptable acceptable by picking the most innocuous incestuous situation. It’s their way of sending the message to teens that some incest is okay.

The executive producer Neil Meron said, “They MIGHT be brother and sister.”

“As Neil said, they may be,” his producing partner Craig Zadan said after Santos made her insensitive comment. “And, they basically kissed. They didn’t make out. Nothing sexual happened.”

What does that matter? They are promoting the idea that some “incest” as “hot.”

The executive producers Neil Meron and Craig Zadan are well-known gay activists.

Gays want us to accept them and their lifestyle – that they say isn’t a lifestyle – and then two gay activists come up with this. They are not doing their cause any good. In fact, they are adding to some stereotypes.

How does this show help that image? Maybe they don’t care. Someone better start caring – and soon! Incest and hot do not belong in the same sentence together.


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