New York City’s Bleak Future with Bill de Blasio



Photo of a chained Statue of Liberty, tagged with the word, SOON.

In 1988, Bill de Blasio, the anointed heir to Mayor Bloomberg’s position, traveled to Nicaragua in support of the Communist Sandanista regime.

He has been known to quote Karl Marx. [Oh, what? Don’t we all?]

DeBlasio openly supported Democratic Socialism on several occasions, raised funds for the Sandanistas, and subscribed to their paper.

Reagan called the Sandanistas tyrannical and Communist because that is what they were.

The NY Times has written about deBlasio’s trip to Nicaragua with some affection. DeBlasio, according to them, was an idealist, cerebral, gawky; visited a Catholic facility; he was giving food and medicine to the needy; there was never proof Sandanistas were gun running; he came back with a vision of what unfettered leftist regimes can do. Only the harshest critics call Sandanistas adherents to a Marxist agenda, I write with a hint of sarcasm.

The Sandanistas received weapons from Cuba and the Soviet Union. They had like ideologies.

The Times paints deBlasio as one who opposed an immoral Reagan regime and supported the poor and starving advocates of the Communist movement in Nicaragua.

The Times also paints the supporters of the Sandanistas as opponents of Reagan’s unpopular support for the Contras and his embargo that caused starvation, when in fact, they were simply Communists who supported the quashing of freedom while claiming they wanted freedom for the people.

The NY Times warmly refers to deBlasio as once being a “young leftist.” That’s true, only now he’s an old leftist.

His mother was accused of being a Communist once for attending a concert featuring a Soviet band. Really NY Times? That was the only reason? Both his parents were leftist activists.

He went to Nicaragua with the Quixote Center, a leftist social justice group.

Social justice is the neo-communism.

DeBlasio and his team of peace activists – Democrats, Marxists and anarchists – attempted to help the Sandanistas after they lost power in 1990. They designed posters lauding their struggle, brandished HW Bush  masks on subway cars, and advertised parties to celebrate the Cuban revolution. They hawked subscriptions to the Sandanista magazine – the Barricuda.

They knew how to cause a stir. They attempted to bring attention to their cause a second time after the Sandinistas lost power in a 1990 election. “The Nicaraguan struggle is our struggle,” said a poster designed by the group. DeBlasio believes that their Communist government was a democracy, which is exactly what the occupiers have been saying.

DeBlasio is an occupier in a suit with two children and a house.

In 1994, DeBlasio honeymooned in Communist Cuba – that was off-limits to US citizens.

Currently, in the United States, the Communists, Socialists, and Democratic Socialists have joined forces and will remain united until they turn the country into one ruled by Statism. Democratic Socialist are often Communists who want a euphemistic name. I don’t make these statements lightly. I make it from a knowledge of their inner workings.

‘Democrat’ deBlasio describes himself as a Progressive as do many statists. They pretend they are liberal when, in fact, there is nothing liberal about them.

De Blasio is campaigning on the promise of redistribution of wealth from the rich to the poor. He says that seeing the efforts of the Sandinistas up close strengthened his view that government should protect and enhance the lives of the poor.

When asked about his views, deBlasio says he admires European social democratic movements, Mr. Roosevelt’s New Deal and liberation theology. Roosevelt gets the nod for credibility’s sake in all probability and because, prior to Barack Obama, he was this nation’s furthest left president.

De Blasio was distressed by what he saw as “timidity” in the Democratic Party, as it moved to the political center in the dawning of the Clinton era. He thinks Clinton is the political center and timid.

De Blasio is still interested in Latin America and wants alliances with the Muslim world. He wants to redistribute; exact social and economic justice; and rule by fiat (strong mayoral control as he puts it) while pretending he is freeing the poor. That should tell you all you need to know.

Read more about his platform on this link.

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