NLRB’s ‘McDonalds Rule’ Forces Unionization In Fast Food Restaurants


For the purpose of employment disputes, McDonalds can now be sued for disputes at any one of its franchises thanks to an NLRB ruling.

The goal is to break McDonalds with lawsuits until they agree to unionize but in the process, they get to destroy a vital small business model for fast food restaurants.


Leftists in unions and at the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) have the hatchet out for McDonalds because they are not unionized. It’s why they hate Wal-Mart.

The latest ruling from the NLRB, backed by unions, is that employees of franchises would be allowed to sue McDonald’s. They claim that the corporation is responsible for the labor violations of every single one of its franchisees.

It makes corporate joint employers with the franchise owners even though that is not in their business model.

This ruling, if allowed to stand, would destroy the corporate model of franchises in America.

Millions of jobs and thousands of franchises and the equity they built would be lost. Independent operators of franchises would no longer be allowed to operate independently.

This is a direct attack on small business and capitalism. It really isn’t about minimum wage, many pay above the minimum wage. It is about attacking capitalism.

McDonald’s has 35,000 restaurants and 80% are run as franchises. The franchises use the McDonald’s name, logo, supplies and food but they operate completely independently.

It will affect every franchise in every business in the country.

Many of the protesters and alleged “flash strikers” at McDonalds are paid to walk the picket line and don’t even work for McDonalds. The same leftists behind the protests and strikes to raise the minimum wage at McDonalds throughout the nation are the same leftists behind this ruling. Make no mistake, they are serious leftists.

Fast food restaurants are not meant to be career paths for most workers. They are temporary or part-time jobs. The companies keep their prices low as part of a niche restaurant model. The NLRB could destroy them. Clients will drop out if they are charged more.

Leftists don’t like cheap restaurants, cheap food, business, or capitalism in general.


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