Obama Tangos Through Argentina While Europe Draws “Defiantly”


While Europe burns, Obama tangos. He apparently doesn’t own a fiddle.

Morning Joe mocked the tango scene.

The Europeans for their part don’t get it either. They are waging the same ridiculous campaign we saw with #BringBackOurGirls, only this time they are responding with cartoons and sidewalk tributes.

They have numerous cartoons from the “defiant” cartoonists showing a Belgian statue urinating on ISIS, there are flower monuments, and peace signs everywhere. What a plan!




People stood around taking photos and laying flowers on sidewalk monuments, claiming Je suis Bruxelles. That’s all well and good but where’re the fighting words? Where’s the plan? Will they continue to play whack-a-mole as they let hundreds of thousands of unvetted refugees into the country? The answer is yes.

They are likely passed the point of no return anyway. The latest report has 400 ISIS terrorists positioned in Europe ready to let loose. Some reports have that number at 5,000. Brussels is 25.5% Islamist and many live in poor ghettos, refusing to assimilate. France is in the same place. Political correctness comes first.


Photos via the Daily Mail

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