No One Knows Where Illegal Aliens Go Once Released



ICE doesn’t know where the illegal aliens are once they are released with an appearance ticket. Once they leave detention, ICE sends it to the government’s black hole.

Unsurprisingly, illegal border crossings are up 438% in 2014. They have been invited in and no one knows where they are going and where they end up.

Border Patrol is releasing illegal aliens – who could be terrorists or criminals – after they cross the border and after that, they are free to disappear because no one is keeping track of them or their whereabouts.

NSA knows what is in your last email but they have no clue where the illegal aliens are after they are released from custody. If they are terrorists, criminals, gang members or just invaders, it doesn’t matter, no one will keep track of them.

Federal officials issued a statement to CHANNEL 5 NEWS saying they have no way of tracking illegal immigrants who fail to report to a deportation officer.

Tens of thousands of illegal immigrants have been released at bus stations or just on their own recognizance. Some have been transported to other states.

The aliens receive a notice with a date to appear in immigration court but 90% don’t show up according to the Department of Justice.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials say they have no way of tracking illegal immigrants who fail to report to a deportation officer and once they approve the order of release, there are no mechanisms to keep the case on record.

ICE does not keep any records.

Any information they have is sent to another Federal office where it is not acted upon.

Last year alone, the Obama administration released more than 68,000 criminal illegal aliens.

We hear a lot about the children coming here illegally but they are far outnumbered by adults.

Illegal aliens continue to exploit the family unit loophole.

Listen to this clip of Border Patrol via

A Border Patrol camera operator expresses dismay that a “Family unit”, (consisting of a male and a small child) who had just crossed the Rio Grande River into the US, were “hiding” from the passing Border Patrol Agents.

The dismay comes from the current policy that Illegal aliens coming into this country as a “Family Unit” get an automatic “Permiso” to stay in this country while they await their immigration hearing which they don’t show up for…. the Border Patrol camera operator knows this….. the illegal aliens know this.

Family units are typically defined as at least one parent traveling with at least one child. Since most of these illegal aliens are traveling with no documentation, there is no way to verify a parental relationship with a child….. and every incentive for an otherwise deportable male illegal alien to make the “parental claim” with the child he is smuggling into this country.



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