Nothing Says National Security Like Obama Amnesty and His Push to Shut Down DHS


Obama is planning to shut down the Department of Homeland Security at a most dangerous time in history just to get his illegal amnesty through. All he cares about is getting his Democratic majority and making the United States into a permanent socialist majority country.

The Progressive-Socialist wing of the Democratic Party has launched their assault on Republicans, accusing them of caving to the right wing tea party as Republicans attempt to pass bills that would dismantle Obama’s illegal, unconstitutional amnesty.

No one seems to care that the Democratic Party continually caves to their far-left base and that their president is the most far-left president in our history.

House Republicans are putting through various anti-amnesty bills that will be tacked onto the funding of the DHS through the end of the year.

Barack Obama has promised to shut down the Department of Homeland Security if the Republicans attempt to defund any portion of his amnesty.

White House aide Dan Pfeiffer said that President Obama would block funding for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) if the Republican Congress does not fund his executive action to grant illegal aliens amnesty and work permits.

In the interview, Pfeiffer said that the president would “absolutely not” sign a 2015 spending bill that would include limits on amnesty spending. When asked if President Obama would veto the spending curbs, Pfeiffer replied, “Yep.”

He said “You can’t defund our executive action because it is paid for by fees.”

It’s not clear that Republicans can defund amnesty but one of the things they are trying to do is keep DHS from using fees from illegal immigrants’ work permits to fund amnesty.

While Obama is the one who will veto legislation that funds the department if it limits unconstitutional amnesty, it is the Republicans who will unfairly get the blame.

Republicans are not “blocking”, they are using their power as a co-equal branch of government to stop the rogue president.

Josh Earnest, the White House spokesman, said the House Republican plan would “muck around” with the DHS at a critical time, especially given the Islamic militant attacks in France. “There’s never a good time for Republicans to do something like this, but right now it seems like a particularly bad time to do so,” Earnest told reporters.

Will the media care that that the initiatives the Republicans would put through do not affect even one of the DHS departments that “are responsible for counterterrorism efforts”?

The Republicans’ bills do nothing to limit the TSA, Border Patrol, ICE, Secret Service and so on.

Hal Rogers, Republican representative from Kentucky said, “It’s a very dangerous time. I would wonder whether or not the president would have real deep misgivings about not signing a bill funding the Department of Homeland Security.”

Obama would have no such misgivings – none at all. He could care less. Neither Obama nor any of the leftists will care. The Democrats who would care have been silenced much as the Republicans have been silenced. They wouldn’t dare speak up if they ever hope to get their party’s support again.

The Democratic leftists are out railing against the alleged conspiracy by the supposedly powerful right wing.

“We all know that we are all vulnerable in all the free world,” House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer said later Friday in a colloquy on the House floor. “I would hope that we would have nothing included in the bill which would be very controversial, reflecting our differences, when the underlying bill, I think, is not controversial.”

“It is clear Republicans’ partisan recklessness knows no limits,” Pelosi said in a statement. “House Republicans are threatening a partial government shutdown, choosing a time of rising terrorism to imperil the security of our entire country to satisfy the most radical anti-immigrant fringes of their party.”

Because nothing says security like open borders and Obama amnesty.

The Senate Democrats are very vocal. Senate aides say it won’t pass the Senate and one said the “House GOP leadership has moved so far to the right to cater to the tea party on immigration that even some of their few remaining moderates are leery of the bill. Playing politics with the Department of Homeland Security is going to backfire on them.”

Hoyer determines the legislative agenda and political strategy for the Democratic Party and builds support for the party’s positions. He comes out against anything and everything Republicans put through. He’s a left-wing hack who is continually “horrified” by Republicans.

Nancy Pelosi is one of the furthest left congresspeople. She has a close personal relationship with pro-Castro Rep. Barbara Lee and the “progressive” Hallinan family of San Francisco, once under scrutiny by the California Senate Fact-finding Subcommittee on Un-American Activities for their pro-Soviet, Marxist propaganda efforts.

Lee is the head of the Congressional Black Caucus who has visited Cuba and who worked hard to normalize relations with them without ever once meeting with dissidents.

Lee began her career as a secret member of the Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism – a communist party.

Vivian Hallinan served as her mentor, according to Pelosi. Vivian Hallinan has spoken openly about her “socialist” views. Hallinan supported the communists in Central America in the 1980’s and befriended Daniel Ortega, Nicaragua’s [Communist] Sandinista leader.

These are the people who are determining the direction of the Democratic Party. They are the radicals, not the tea party and they are the ones who are anxious to shut down DHS at a very dangerous time in our history and they are willing to do it to fund an illegal action.


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