NY Times Writer Blames Germany for the Refugees, Another Calls for Mass Deportation


Protests against Cologne attacks were met with water cannons, the water cannons they did not use on the attackers New Year's Eve.
Protests against Cologne attacks were met with water cannons, the water cannons they did not use on the attackers New Year’s Eve.

The left embraces Islamic rape and their degradation of women.

Anne Sauerbrey wrote an op-ed for the New York Times which begins with misinformation and ends with placing the blame for the Cologne attacks, not on the Middle Eastern and African men who terrorized the people, but on Germany for not integrating these people.

She starts out by saying there were hundreds of men gathered in the Cologne plaza but there were at least a thousand. She said they were groping but they were sexually assaulting and raping. She ends the first paragraph by saying there were 170 complaints – there are over 516 to date.

She wants a “reasonable conversation” about it and insists that Germany must resolve the  tension between its secular, liberal laws and culture and the patriarchal and religiously conservative worldviews that some refugees bring with them.

Are Germans supposed to change their culture to align with the Muslims who are guests in their country?

When 70% of the migrants are young men, they should have realized the imbalance alone will cause problems.

She doesn’t suggest a solution but doesn’t want refugees demonized on arrival. Hundreds of them molested women and she’s worried about them being demonized.

The refugees problem she believes is poverty and education, not their culture despite the fact that they are bringing their rape culture with them.


Then she concludes the real problem is Germany.

“The real question we should be asking is not whether there is something inherently wrong with the refugees, but whether Germany is doing an effective job of integrating them — and if not, whether something can be done to change that,” Sauerbrey says unbelievably.

Anna Sauerbrey is an editor on the opinion page of the newspaper Der Tagesspiegel and a contributing opinion writer.

A much more reasonable op-ed in the same newspaper by Ross Douthat calls for Merkel to go, for the borders to be closed and for an orderly process to deport able-bodied young men to begin.

“If you believe that an aging, secularized, heretofore-mostly-homogeneous society is likely to peacefully absorb a migration of that size and scale of cultural difference, then you have a bright future as a spokesman for the current German government.

You’re also a fool. Such a transformation promises increasing polarization among natives and new arrivals alike. It threatens not just a spike in terrorism but a rebirth of 1930s-style political violence. The still-imaginary France Michel Houellebecq conjured up in his novel “Submission,” in which nativists and Islamists brawl in the streets, would have a very good chance of being realized in the German future.

This need not happen. But prudence requires doing everything possible to prevent it. That means closing Germany’s borders to new arrivals for the time being. It means beginning an orderly deportation process for able-bodied young men. It means giving up the fond illusion that Germany’s past sins can be absolved with a reckless humanitarianism in the present.

It means that Angela Merkel must go — so that her country, and the continent it bestrides, can avoid paying too high a price for her high-minded folly.”

If Germany hopes to be Germany, they need to follow the latter advice. There is nothing hateful about protecting a culture and a citizenry. These young men are simply taking advantage.

Take a look at what they were dealing with in Berlin. We too could have this disorder here.

This is the map of the coordinated attacks New Year’s Eve.




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