Obama’s Oklahoma Photo Op to Feign Support For the Pipeline



Last week, the President lobbied against the pipeline and won. Tomorrow, President Obama is going to issue a memo in Oklahoma telling federal agencies to expedite the section of the Keystone XL pipeline between Oklahoma and the Gulf Coast. This is according to Politico which is left-leaning and takes their feed directly from the WH on Obama issues.

If this were a joke, I’d say it was a bad one. Obama is going to okay that teeny section of pipe which will mean little and then he will pretend he supports the Keystone XL pipeline. That section of pipe will be built no matter what – it’s up to the states. In any case, it is a very small section of pipeline and it doesn’t get the fuel to us from Canada unless he has a plan for Buffet to transport it on his trains.

Oklahomans are angry about the phony photo op.

The gas prices are soaring and he does not want the GOP to have the upper hand on energy despite the fact that he and Chu have made it clear that they are opposed to fossil fuels and their only goal is to create an imaginary utopia of alternative fuels.

Listen to the metamorphosis of Barack Obama and his take on fossil fuels and the ridiculous comments about the benefits of high gas prices –


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