Obama: Our Founding Fathers Were Paranoid Nuts



During the gun town hall Thursday night, Barack Obama insulted the Founding Fathers and correlated their beliefs to those of us who don’t trust Obama.

The president thinks our Founding Fathers were conspiracy nuts because they were suspicious of some distant threat.

The British weren’t in some distant place, they were here, breaking into homes, taking peoples’ homes and possessions, taxing them unfairly, and generally bullying them.

Anderson Cooper did a good job and interjected that “some people feel this deeply” and they “don’t just trust you.”

Obama said this conspiracy thing we have going about government is in our DNA.

That is just so offensive. He has no regard for the American people, our Founding, our constitution or our freedoms. He doesn’t think we should fear a tyrannical government and if we do, we are conspiracy nuts. The reason he feels that way is because he thinks tyrannical government is normal. Big government is needed to control all our lives.

Obama didn’t appreciate Anderson calling him on this and became a bit testy.

None of this should be a surprise. He obviously doesn’t think much of the constitution either.

A while back, Michelle Obama thought the Founding Fathers were illegal immigrants and said the Founding Fathers weren’t born in America despite the fact that Benjamin Franklin was born in Boston and Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, and James Madison were born in Virginia. John Adams was born in Massachusetts. They were the first citizens and they weren’t naturalized. True, they weren’t born in the United States but neither was Goldwater and no one questioned his citizenship. She believes, as does her husband, that if you aren’t a Native-American, you aren’t any different from any other immigrant.

The far-left line is that Native-Americans are the only Americans. However, Native-Americans didn’t believe in owning land and the tribes all stole it from other tribes. How far back should we go? To the dinosaurs?

Obama sees them as rich white guys whose time has passed. About five years ago, he used the occasion of the Fourth of July to say this: “We celebrate the principles that are timeless, tenets first declared by MEN OF PROPERTY AND WEALTH but which gave rise to what Lincoln called a new birth of freedom in America, civil rights and voting rights, workers’ rights and women’s rights and the rights of every American.” (Emphasis mine)

Mr. Obama spent too much time in Indonesia and when he wasn’t there, he was being mentored by a crazy old communist Frank Marshall Davis so what could we expect.




  1. obama you are the most insidious person I know and you should be in prison, or beheaded for your crimes against America

  2. Obama is not alone in his disdain for our freedom principles through our founding fathers. Successive generations of Americans(this commie was elected twice) are progressively abandoning(thousands who support socialist Bernie) the principles which established and preserved this nation. In this fertile soil of unrealistic expectations, spiritual and moral decline, and lack of personal and national destiny are sown the seeds of disaster and slavery.

  3. The US is being ravaged by Obama’s father’s dream. Obama will not stop until the US is a member of the third world. He is a traitor and should be judged as such.

  4. obama’s first love is the med-eastern people. He’s Islamic don’t ya know. He job really is to take over our country from the inside. So far he doing a great job at it. If we had anyone with some ba.. in congress. they would have charged his with treason and remove him office.

  5. The best thing the next conservative admin could do is ask the DOJ to thoroughly investigate and prosecute Obama as a traitor and get him a stylish orange jumpsuit and many years behind bars. Only then will I see that there is truly justice again in America.

  6. She didn’t say that or mean that. She was saying when America was born they became American in that moment. Theoretically “born” . It’s still stupid what she said and the fact that she is using the accomplishments of these great minds to rationalize opening our borders to violent criminals freely..
    But she wasn’t saying that they were born in different countries.

    Note: I do not support the Obamas they are nut jobs.

    • I agree to a point but she does not have any regard whatsoever for our Founding and that came through. She means that the only real Americans are Native-Americans.

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