Obama Responds to Brussels and Tells Us What Our Values Are


comically incorrect

The president – and I use that word loosely – is back on the job. He has responded with a plan to deal with terrorism in the wake of the Brussels attack. Today, 65 were killed and over 300 injured in Pakistan in an Easter terror attack – victims were mostly women and children. The terror networks, which include al Qaeda and IS and at least 42 other terror groups, have spread through West and North Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and now Europe. They all have the same goal – global jihad. Our president has the answer to deal with it – continue doing what we’re doing.

In his weekly address, Obama claimed we have a relentless air campaign which, in reality, amounts to a meager 5 to 15 sorties a day. He blocks 75% of the bombing missions and the planes return with their bombs from most missions but he didn’t mention that.

Best yet, his response is to continue to do what we’re doing and stick to our “values” which he has arrogantly defined for us. They apparently include open borders, a do-nothing strategy for foreign policy, a burgeoning welfare state, rule by government agency, wild spending, and a rejection of our constitution.

Then there is his view that refugees are perfectly safe though the FBI has clearly and on multiple occasions said they cannot be properly screened. We shouldn’t worry and we won’t see the same results as they have seen in Europe. The fact that some people believe this is stupefying.

While people lay dead and wounded in the streets of Brussels, Obama was at a baseball game with a communist dictator who is a sponsor of terrorism. When he did twice speak of the terror attack, that is now believed to be part of a Europe-wide organization, he devoted a total of less than five minutes to it. He is so weak that he was unable to say no to a tango dancer.



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Judyann Joyner
Judyann Joyner
6 years ago

Both Obama and Hillary have used the term, “it’s not who we are.” They are both correct but, far from their intent.
Obama, having lived all of his formative years abroad, raised by a radical Marxist mother (to whom he gives the most credit re his own ideologies), who was mentored by the likes of Frank Marshal Davis and Rev. Wright…he’s exactly right, this is NOT who “we are.”
Hillary, queen of elitists, who hasn’t driven a car or opened a door for herself in 25 years, who has dedicated her entire, political life to succeeding by virtue of lies, deceptions, dirty dealings, believes no law applies to her and leaves in her wake a long, long list if very dubious “suicides,” also correct. She is NOT who we are.