Obama Should Resign If Only to Save Even One Life



Photo of Barack Obama who wants to ban guns to save even just one life. Couldn’t we ban him and save many more?

President Obama’s speech at the memorial service for the Washington Navy Yard victims included this statement:

Not accepting these shootings as inevitable, but asking what can we do to prevent them from happening again and again and again. I’ve said before, we cannot stop every act of senseless violence. We cannot know every evil that lurks in troubled minds. But if we can prevent even one tragedy like this, save even one life, spare other families what these families are going through, surely we’ve got an obligation to try.

If ‘common sense’ gun laws will save even one life, we must enact them according to Obama. His gun laws, which he clearly said the night of the attack, must include banning rifles that the government arbitrarily decides are assault weapons. There is no such thing as an assault rifle by the way. AK stands for Avtomat Kalashnikova which means automatic rifle Kalashnikov modernized.

Following along with President Obama’s logic, there are many other things we must ban, if only to save one life.

There were 25,580 fatal car crashes in 2012. We must ban cars.

Dozens of Americans have died in amusement parks over the last three decades. Shouldn’t we ban amusement parks?

From 2006 through 2012, 238 people were struck by lightning, two-thirds during leisure activities. Why are we allowing leisure activities if we could save just one life? Twenty-six died from fishing. Ban it.

Golfing is a big problem. People have died being hit by golf carts, snakes, alligators, golf balls, bees, and golf clubs. We need to ban golfing to save just one life.

A woman in England died after slipping and falling on the knives in her open dishwasher. That’s it for me! Get rid of dishwashers.

More people die from obesity than starvation so why is freedom in eating allowed? Who knows how many we could save if we limited eating.

What about the lives that have been saved because someone had a gun? How do we square that with Obama’s theory?

If we didn’t have Obama’s airhead schemes, abortion mandates, and dangerous dealings abroad, couldn’t we save far more lives? Would the men who died in Benghazi still be alive were it not for him? Shouldn’t we ban him?


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