Obama Tells Ferguson Extremists, “Think Big, Go Gradual”


Mr. Obama wants the Ferguson extremists to “stay the course” as he recently told Al Sharpton. In a recent meeting, he told these young extremists to “think big” and “go gradual.”

Ferguson is not about a case of racism, nor is the Garner case, but that won’t stop the “peaceful protesters” from saying otherwise and using it to their advantage with the help of the President and the Attorney General. This is a movement, a fire they are igniting to fundamentally transform our justice system.

The Occupy movement wasn’t going to work because it was almost completely white. This movement is led by black and white leftists, making it far more dangerous.

Ferguson matters but not because a white racist cop killed an unarmed gentle giant who was also black, because that scenario is a lie. There is absolutely no evidence of racism except in the minds of the paranoid. The gentle giant was no innocent.

Ferguson matters because it is another excuse for Mr. Obama to arm his leftist soldiers and use them to incrementally change our system of justice into a system of social justice.

The guardian had an article yesterday written by one of the young extremists invited to the White House, a Philip Agnew. During the meeting, according to Agnew, Mr. Obama told them to “think big” but “go gradual.”

Incrementally transforming us fundamentally has been Mr. Obama’s trademark so the “stupid Americans” don’t notice until it is too late.

This morning at about 5:30 a.m. EST, Fox played a commercial about health insurance. In the ad, the narrator boasted that under Obamacare, the youth are staying on their parents’ health insurance until age 26, people aren’t being penalized for pre-existing conditions and so on. It all led up to the narrator saying, call to find out about “your subsidies” which “you deserve.”

We “deserve” to be given handouts via the government at the expense of the productive if the government deems it so.

Mr. Obama is changing the way we think. We are no longer exceptional because we are independent and self-sufficient. We are members of a collective who act in unison to spread the wealth because, in a system of social justice, all are equal and get equal rewards. Justice is meted out, not according to the rule of law, but according to emotions, not according to hard work and achievement, but according to quotas.

Philip Agnew is a ruffian and a community organizer. He wrote the essay for the guardian and this is how he began his piece:

On Monday, representatives from a community in active struggle against state sanctioned killing, violence and repression met with the President of the United States of America. Not “civil rights leaders”, not “activists”, not “spokespeople”. This wasn’t a group of “Beltway Blacks”, this wasn’t a delegation of “respectable negroes”, this wasn’t an assemblage of “yes men and women”.

“We” were from Missouri (Ashley Yates, Brittany Packnett, T Dubb-O, Rasheen Aldridge); Ohio (James Hayes); New York (Jose Lopez); and Florida (me). It all happened quickly and, yes, we all were skeptical.

He quoted one of the attendees – Ashley Yates:

Ashley brought home our tale of two countries – of the “other America” – telling the president that women – women like Sasha and Malia – are standing on the front lines, facing the full fury of an oppressive state.

Anyone who believes Sasha and Malia are facing an oppressive state lives in a world of fantasy.

This is the part that should make people stand up and take notice [emphasis is mine]:

We beseeched President Obama to invest in community-based alternatives to policing and incarceration and challenged him on the lack of data on the state’s systematic and underreported killings of unarmed black and Latino people.

He listened. Intently. He responded passionately. He agreed with many of our points and offered his take on the current State of the Union. He presented the reforms that have dominated the discourse in the hours after our meeting. He cautioned us against demanding too big and stressed gradualism.

Why the gradualism if not to fool people?

One of the attendees, Ashley Yates, who goes under the name brownblaze on twitter, has no respect for the police. She was happy recently when mobs antagonized the “sh!$” out of the cops:

She has been part of the death-ins, has called for revolution, and makes comments like “black silence = white complicity” on twitter.

T Dubb-O was in attendance He’s a rapper of vile lyrics which you can read on this link. He appears proud to have no ethical system limiting him. He’s a gangster of sorts.

Attendee James Hayes tweeted:

“We have NOTHING to lose. If you’re afraid of police or jail or death you’re already dead.” — @MC_CARREL #ICantBreathe #ShutItDown

Rasheen Aldridge, another attendee, has called for mob action on his twitter page.


He has been arrested for assault:

One of those who met with Barack Obama at a previous time was Bassem Masri:

I am updating this because of something I saw on Downtrend that I missed originally. The author of the article, Phillip Agnew, boasts that he is “the dealer and the stoner” on his twitter account. This is the person Barack Obama invited to the White House to discuss the state of affairs.

Every attendee is an extremist and a trouble maker with a distorted view of the world. Mr. Obama, for his part, is a perverted Jesus. While Jesus reached out to the worst in society, helped them do the right thing, and forgave them their sins, Mr. Obama reaches out to the worst in society, agrees with them, and encourages them to disrupt and destroy but to do it gradually.

Twenty-five businesses were destroyed in Ferguson, seriously damaging the lives of the owners. Where is the revolution for them?

Governor Nixon did nothing and refused to answer the mayor’s frantic calls as he watched Ferguson burn. In essence, Nixon gave a stand down order. Who do you think gave him that directive?

This is what it means to be in the hands of a community organizer and this is what fundamental transformation means for the United States.