Obama Vacations with Cuban Dictator While Terror Bombs Rock the Heart of Europe



This is an evolving story but ISIS has taken credit.

While Obama is hanging out with the communist dictator Raul Castro and plans to attend a game today with an invited audience, Europe is under an immediate and horrific threat.

Three explosions have rocked a key transportation hub in Brussels, killing 28 [update: 9:20EST: 30 are dead] and injuring 100 to 150 so far. Thirteen were killed at the airport and 15 were found dead in the subway. The attack in Brussels was a strategic attack on a very important hub for all of the West. It is as busy as Fifth Avenue in New York and the station is adjacent to the Parliament and used by members of Parliament, NATO and others of importance.

Brussels is the Washington DC of Europe.

This was a symbolic message.

They pulled this off while Brussels was under maximum threat level. The Paris terrorist captured two days ago hid in plain sight for four months.

Western sources are still deployed to make sure other cells aren’t deployed.

Jihadis can paralyze half the continent. Planes and trains are completely paralyzed throughout Europe. Brussels has sent out special warnings to US citizens. Beautiful crime-free Brussels is no longer. The US government has advised US citizens in Belgium to shelter in place.

The European continent took in millions without properly vetting them. It is irrelevant that many of the refugees aren’t terrorists. The fact is that they all protect the terrorists in their midsts.

They have now struck at the heart of Europe.

We are letting thousands of these unvetted refugees into the US. Was Trump right? Keep them out until we can screen them properly?

A credible ISIS account is chattering on social media about the attack but has not yet taken credit.


David Ignatius admits there are Muslim no-go zones. This is absurd. What is even more absurd is the lying about it.


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