ObamaCare Exchanges Are Medicaid For All


h/t Herb Richmond

Benjamin Domenech of the Heartland Institute put together a nice summary of what’s happening with ObamaCare which I’ve duplicated in part in this post. What’s happening is it’s becoming Medicaid for all.

You can’t keep your doctor or your health plan for starters and you were lied to about that. My congressman, Tim Bishop kept the lie going up until three weeks ago when his opponent Sen. Lee Zeldin told him he might want to update his page.

The New York Times‘ Elizabeth Rosenthal reported that providers are trying to make up the lost insurance revenue caused by the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare).

Insurers’ payments to physicians and hospitals are going down and providers are pushing back. Opthamologists are increasingly adding “refraction fees” – a service that used to be gratis. Orthopedists are charging to put limbs in casts and splints as an add on to the visit. Psychologists are adding “administrative charges.”

Some of the added fees are creative and new.

Many general practitioners are going into boutique medicine which has the patient paying an annual fee for their services. That won’t be available to the poor or underprivileged.

Some of the fees come directly from patients.

ObamaCare has shifted much of the responsibility from insurers to patients. It will be difficult to tally up the costs of health care in the future.

As Jayne O’Donnell of USA Today said, now that people finally found exchanges, they can’t find doctors.

We had a shortage of general practitioners prior to ObamaCare and it will only get worse – much worse. Doctors are retiring, working for hospitals, and going into other fields.

The doctors are receiving lower reimbursement rates from the exchanges and they limit how many patients they will see from them or they will go bankrupt.

“The exchanges have become very much like Medicaid,” says Andrew Kleinman, a plastic surgeon and president of the Medical Society of the State of New York. “Physicians who are in solo practices have to be careful to not take too many patients reimbursed at lower rates or they’re not going to be in business very long.”

Insurers claim the rates are higher than those of Medicaid.

Many insurers are moving to smaller networks with limited services to save money.

ObamaCare exchanges allow for a 90-day grace period which puts doctors in the position of pursuing payment.

Plans with the lowest payments have the highest out of pocket costs. A number of people I know are paying the 12,700 deductible and $70 co-payments and these are people for whom that is unaffordable.

Oh well, as long as Sandra Fluke, the rich girl from California, gets her free birth control and as long as 60-year old men are covered for pregnancy services, what more do we need?

And just think, if you don’t like what you are getting, there’s nothing you can do about it unless you are under the false impression you can sue City Hall and win.

Mr. Obama boasts that there are 8 million now insured who wouldn’t have been insured but 71% of the newly-insured are due to the Medicaid expansion. Many people complained when they lost their insurance and were force onto Medicaid. They didn’t want “free” insurance. How many are there in this position? The government won’t tell us.

Why are we giddy over 8 million anyway? I though 40 million were uninsured.

Medicare will eventually be Medicaid for all also. The Democrats cut a trillion dollars from Medicare to pay for Obamacare. They cut about $800 billion in future payments to doctors and hospitals and they cut over $125 billion from Medicare Advantage. The people responsible – Democrats – claim they care about the elderly and want to preserve Medicare.

In May, four underperforming exchanges cost taxpayers $474 million and they won’t be the last. Expenses like that are not being given to the CBO that claims ObamaCare will save money. Nor is the CBO calculating the cost in prolonged illnesses due to poor Medicaid-like health care for all.

Healthcare exchanges supposedly give choice. There’s no choice. Everyone gets the same bad health care unless the person has money and can afford decent healthcare.

Healthcare costs will continue to skyrocket. The CBO projects that major federal health programs could cost 85 percent more in 10 years than they do today. Costs are rising because of new technologies and medications, the prevalence of chronic disease, and payment systems that give doctors and hospitals incentives to perform ever-more procedures.

Slapping more charges and reduced payments on doctors and hospitals won’t work. It will ration care.

Insurance companies are optimistic but that could be because they are getting bailed out next summer.

We are all subservient to the government. Doctors, insurance companies, hospitals all basically work for the government and the patients are at the government’s mercy for their care with the IRS as overseer.

My congressman is running for re-election on ObamaCare and he said that the system is more efficient. Doctors now get paid for a patient as a package. I haven’t met a doctor who likes it but my far-left congressman Tim Bishop said doctors love it.

We are all packages now. The government has gotten between each of us and our healthcare.

It is Medicaid for all!


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