Obamacare Must Be Struck Down or America Will be A Conquered Nation


The Supreme Court of the United States will begin hearings on Obamacare this Monday. They have set aside six hours of debate for Obamacare and it is no slam dunk for either side.

Obamacare will give the government the power to order us to buy anything. It will be able to order religious people to pay for abortifacients and abortions. It permits IPAB, a rogue government within the government, to mandate our healthcare choices based on the new morality which says that it is moral if it is useful and it furthers the common good. Religious morality as we know it will be over.

Obamacare is the onset of socialism and will define our nation as a socialist nation. It is unsustainable financially but the goal was never to cut costs. The goal has always been to place the government in charge instead of the reverse.

According to David Plouffe who appeared on Fox News Sunday today, conservative judges have upheld the infamous individual mandate which says that the government can make us buy anything. That does not bode well if they truly are conservative. Lately, I have found many who call themselves conservatives are wolves in sheeps’ clothing.

Never before has the federal government forced citizens to buy a product or service until Obamacare was passed. If you will remember, many shady deals were made to make Obamacare happen. States were literally bought off as they wrangled behind closed doors.

Barack Obama said he would fundamentally change America and he has. Without a single Republican vote, Obamacare was pushed through despite the fact that the majority of Americans did not want it.

The government is citing the Constitution’s commerce clause which gives Congress the authority to regulate commerce among the states. The clause was intended to keep states from erecting state-to-state trade barriers not to give the government absolute control over what we can or must purchase.

James Madison said the clause was not “to be used for the positive purposes of the general government” — that is, to make you do something.

If the Founding Fathers wanted the commerce clause to have unlimited authority, they would not have passed a Constitution.

The SCOTUS should have an easy decision but from all accounts out of SCOTUS, they do not believe this is the case.

If SCOTUS rules in favor of Obamacare, we are no longer a free nation. Freedom of religion will mean you can be free to practice your religion unless the government says what you are doing is not for the common good – they can make pro-lifers purchase an insurance that pays for abortions. They can make us purchase salads on a daily basis if they want. They can make us buy Volts. There is nothing they can’t make us purchase.

Obamacare means we are no longer individuals. We will be the collective without individual rights unless they serve the common good.

Obamacare begins the end of our right to live freely. It is the conquering of a nation…Read here: Investors


Repeal of Health Care Law: Favor/Oppose (Real Clear Politics)

Poll Date Sample Favor Repeal Oppose Repeal Spread
RCP Average 2/14 – 3/18 51.7 40.7 Favor Repeal +11.0
Rasmussen Reports 3/17 – 3/18 3500 LV 56 39 Favor Repeal +17
Gallup** 2/19 – 2/20 1040 A 47 44 Favor Repeal +3
Quinnipiac 2/14 – 2/20 2605 RV 52 39 Favor Repeal +13

Reuters: Four distinct legal issues are before the justices, and the first question they will address is about the timing of any lawsuit against the individual insurance mandate.

On Monday, court-appointed attorney Robert Long will argue that no lawsuit against the individual mandate can go forward until after someone who refuses to buy insurance has paid the penalty and sought a refund.

The first day’s arguments will not reach the more anticipated issue of congressional power to dictate that individuals obtain insurance, a step that critics warn could lead to a wide range of other requirements such as eating broccoli, joining gyms, or buying American-made cars.

That test of congressional power will be aired on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, two questions will be heard. One is whether, if the individual mandate is declared unconstitutional, it can be severed from the rest of the law or all of it must be struck down. The other is whether Congress improperly put new burdens on states when it expanded eligibility under Medicaid, the joint state-federal program offering medical care for poor people.



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