Unaffordable Healthcare Update


Obamacare morass

By 2014, the IRS will require taxpayers to file an additional health ID form. It will ask for personal identifying health information.

The form will include the name and health insurance identification number of the taxpayer; the name and tax identification number of the health insurance company; the number of months the taxpayer was covered by this insurance plan; and whether or not the plan was purchased in one of Obamacare’s “exchanges.” ATR.org

It could well require other information. It is invasive.

Obamacare is a financial train wreck.

Sebelius asked Congress for $2.5 billion more to fund it and that won’t be enough. The bill can’t be sustained as is. Congress has refused. Sebelius is now asking advocacy and church groups to help her lobby (torture) Congress.

She also hopes to bully health insurance companies into making large financial donations to implement the landmark bill. She is pressuring private groups and companies to support a government program which is not what we do in a free market economy. She has been calling health insurance executives asking for money over the past three months.

One reason for the financial failure is HHS has granted thousands of waivers to unions and crony corporate friends of Obama’s which has left Obamacare without sufficient funds. Another problem is the young will probably not purchase healthcare – the penalty is cheaper. A third problem is the healthcare exchanges haven’t been set up because so many states have refused to do it.

The lawsuits are still coming as well.

Texas doctor is suing over Obamacare. Steven Hotze of Houston claims the law violates the US Constitution’s origination and takings clauses. The SCOTUS has not considered this.

Mr. Hotze’s lawyer Andy Schlafly said in a telephone interview that “Obamacare has become a redistribution of wealth scheme, where people are compelled to pay money to other people. The government isn’t allowed to order one private party, a business owner, to pay money to another private party, an insurance company.”

Business owners must pay a penalty if they don’t provide government-approved minimum coverage for workers. That will raise about $4 billion annually by 2017 for the Treasury.

Mr. Hotze says this violates the originations clause because the bill did not originate as a “revenue-raising bill” in the US House but as a gutted Senate bill. The Democrats took a bill that was meant for military appropriations and completely rewrote it. It was part of the corruption involved in forcing this monster through.

It’s a long shot lawsuit but it shouldn’t be.

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