Obamacare’s Latest Unaffordable Surprises



According to realclearpolitics, top healthcare official, Gary Cohen, was subjected to some harsh criticism from Democrats during a recent meeting. Senate Finance Chair Max Baucus, who helped write the law on healthcare exchanges for the first bill, was one of the critics. How ironic.

At the meeting Baucus questioned how the health insurance exchanges would be able to interact with the ‘archaic’ Social Security and IRS computers. When Baucus wrote that part of the bill, shouldn’t he have been aware of this? We are not talking chump change here.

Maria Cantwell was upset that the Basic Health Program (an option for states to provide cost-efficient health coverage outside of Medicaid and the law’s new insurance exchanges) is delayed until next year. She also wanted to know if the costs to taxpayers are being artificially raised to “lure them onto the exchange.”

Senator Wyden was very concerned that millions of Americans (who make too much to be eligible for federal subsidies) will be priced out of family health coverage at work.

Bill Nelson, who sold his soul for the Cornhusker Kickback, ‘hammered’ HHS for inviting Congress to cut funding for a new nonprofit insurance model. Huh? Isn’t he a member of Congress????

Nelson also said, “I want somebody to be accountable for this, and if it was a mistake, for somebody to own up to it.”

Nelson was a deciding figure in the passage of the unworkable and unaffordable Obamacare mess!

The bill was rammed through without anyone reading it:

Some Democrats are starting to worry about what will unfold as Obamacare entrenches itself into the fabric of our society.

Then there are the other unaffordable mandates which were not fixed prior to Obamacare being added to the mix.

The CBO  reports that Social Security, Medicare and long-term care services financed through Medicaid are driving our unsustainable debt which will continue to worsen unless they are addressed.

The CBO wrote:

“Moreover, per capita spending on health care is likely to continue to grow faster than per capita spending on other goods and services for many years. Without significant changes in the laws governing Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, those factors will boost federal outlays as a percentage of GDP well above the average of the past four decades—a conclusion that applies under any plausible assumptions about future trends in demographics, economic conditions, and health care costs.”

Obamacare will do nothing to bring down the costs of healthcare. It will only increase the costs or reduce quality or both.

The expansion of Medicaid, another serious problem, which has an opt-out option as a result of the SCOTUS decision, is being rejected by a number of Governors, mostly Republican Governors. Several Republicans have caved, including Florida’s Governor Rick Scott who made his living fighting against Obamacare.

The Medicaid expansion is unaffordable but it is going to come to fruition. It reflects the essence of Obamacare. Welcome to universal healthcare  and the socialist welfare state.

There are so many things wrong with Obamacare that have yet to be realized.

Under Obamacare, a patient can’t sue the government if s/he is  unhappy with the government’s decisions regarding his/her health. The government now stands between the patient and the doctor.

Obamacare cannot create the doctors needed to cover all the people, including illegals, who will be on the government healthcare dole. The solution will be something along the lines of the one being considered in California where the illegal population is very high. California officials are considering having Nurse Practitioners and Physician’s Assistants open up practices. That will only be the beginning of having lesser qualified people handling patients with problems above their pay grade.

Obamacare is the beginning of the end of our excellent healthcare system as we know it.

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