Obama’s Benevolent Dictatorship Is Fundamentally Transforming the USA



President Obama would have us believe that all he wants is a safe, clean environment and his opponents are tin-foil crackpots. He’s not a Socialist bent on replacing our freedoms with government collectivism as his opponents claim, we’re just loons.

Since President Obama has taken office, he has succeeded in fundamentally transforming our nation while Congress sits largely silent.

Obama is delusional if he thinks he is anything but a statist, but he is also deluding the American public thanks to a compliant media and his ability to send out comforting soundbites.

What do you think of the transformation we have undergone so far:

  • 60.7% had jobs when he took office. Only 58.7% have jobs now
  • 7 out of every 8 jobs are now part-time
  • we have 5.7 million jobs less than during the peak in 2007
  • 53% of all American employees make under $30,000
  • food stamp usage has increased 50%
  • new home sales are down almost 14% in one year
  • 40% of US workers make less than what a full-time minimum wage employee made in 1968
  • the average length of unemployment has gone from 19.8 weeks to 36.6 weeks
  • more than 8 million workers have left the workforces since he took office
  • according to the US Census Bureau, middle class Americans are taking home less than ever recorded
  • home ownership has gone from 67.5% to 65%, the lowest rate in 18 years

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Obama is responsible for the disastrous economy, for the unbelievable illegal immigration, all while he continually violates the Constitution. Now he is going to lead us into a war with Syria, without Congressional approval, based on evidence we have not seen, and for a cause that is not in US interests. He did this in Libya and now Libya is a stronghold for Al Qaeda and the Gaddafi arsenal, which was not secured, is in the hands of Al Qaeda.

Whenever Obama is taken to court over his constitutional violations, he loses but ignores the decisions or goes around them as if SCOTUS was irrelevant.

For example, he nominated Richard Cordray to head up the Consumer Financial Protection Agency, the federal “watchdog” created to forbid “unfair, deceptive, or abusive” financial practices as part of the Dodd-Frank Act. The Senate balked so he bypassed the Senate but he installed him anyway. It was unconstitutional but Congress caved when the Republicans were threatened with the ‘nuclear option.’

When Obama lost on Cordray, his illicit NLRB appointments were sent to Scotus. There hasn’t been a ruling yet, but he continues to allow the appointees to make controversial decisions.

When Obama lost on the Voting Rights Act, Holder went into high gear and sued Texas. He plans to sue other states including North Carolina because they want people to register with a photo ID.

Obama ignored DOMA, though it was the law.

He ignores immigration law and sets his own, calling them policy or rule changes.

He tells Congress to do what he wants or he will have no choice but to act where they have failed to act. And he gets away with it!

He forced through Obamacare with bribery. He has been unilaterally writing and changing Obamacare legislation from the White House. He has even rewarded his cronies with waivers. Congressional employees have now been granted waivers.

Delaying the employer mandate in a law that has already been passed is unconstitutional but he did it anyway. What is Congress going to do about it? Apparently nothing.

The Senate immigration reform bill was written by White House LaRaza appointees.

NSA is completely out of control and all we get are lies.

He said he would not have any lobbyists in his administration, but has an administration full of them.

He rewards his donors who are in the solar and wind industry with lucrative contracts and government subsidies.

He claimed he believes in gun rights, public education, and free speech and there is strong evidence that none of that is true.

He has overseen an administration that has shut down Amish farms, raided guitar factories, sold arms to drug cartels, claimed written tests are a ‘form of discrimination,’ claimed the Stimulus spending would be transparent, said there would be a five day window before every bill is passed, falsely claimed Cash for Clunkers would help the environment, violated freedom of religion with the HHS mandate, is currently destroying the coal industry with gas and oil not far behind, said Obamacare would cost nothing and would lower premiums, illegally refused to pass a budget, spends a trillion dollars more each year than we have to spend, pushed for reparations with payoffs like the Pigford settlement, lied continuously about sequestration, has targeted people through his agencies – the IRS and DOJ in particular, left dozens of Americans to die in Benghazi, to name just a few of his ‘accomplishments.’