Obama’s Handling of Iraq Has Led to a Rebirth of Al Qaeda in Iraq


Iraq today

Photo of bomb-ravaged Iraq today

Obama’s foreign policy has allowed Al Qaeda to regain a strong foothold in Iraq.

The Washington Institute for near East Policy reported that the US departure from Iraq in 2011 has led to a ‘remarkable resurgence’ of al Qaeda in Iraq (AQI). AQI is the Salafist terror network.

The Institute said further that al Qaeda has restored full operations, with 2013 being al Qaeda’s best recruitment year.

In 2010, AQI seemed ‘dead in the water.’

Since the US withdrew, the counter-insurgency campaign between Iraqi intelligence and special forces has ended, causing most of the problems we now see in Iraq. Without a counter-insurgency, AQI was able to move freely and regroup.

Also problematic is the fact that the US turned over the prisoners at Abu Ghraib to the Iraqis. Hundreds of them escaped this past July as most policy experts predicted they would. Many of those who escaped were fighters with Al Qaeda in Iraq. These same prisoners have since helped restore the al Qaeda network.

Another factor was AQI’s effective propaganda campaign under their new leadership.

Al Qaeda is now conducting 40 mass-casualty attacks per month, up from 10 per month.

President Obama needs to strengthen our Special Forces Operations in Iraq and help them restore the counter-insurgency movement, but it is doubtful he will. Al Qaeda will continue to grow in Iraq without any resistance.

Obama’s foreign policy of appeasement, indecision, and withdrawal is strengthening al Qaeda throughout the world. Iraq is only one example of how his policies are changing our world.


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