Obama’s Nauseating Speech, Sounds Like a Tinpot Dictator


It has gotten so the sound of Mr. Obama’s arrogant, condescending voice makes my skin crawl. Today was no different. The anti-American Indonesian who grew up with Communism and spent 20 years listening to an anti-White-anti-Jewish pastor scream expletives against America, is the man who has set the country on the path to Socialism or worse. Still, he has a 58% approval rating. How is that even possible? Please, explain it to me.

He lies with a straight-face and with the utmost arrogance. He’s proud that he violated the Constitution again and again. When he did, the mindless Democrats stood in the congressional chamber and applauded him. When he told his followers he would rule with a pen and phone, they cheered him. These fools cheered the loss of the only representation they have in government. Every time he stepped over and around Congress, he stepped over and around the American people.

What is wrong with that 58% if the polls are indeed correct? Are they as stupid as the Democrats think they are?

Barack Obama and his minion Hillary Clinton run things like a tinpot dictatorship. We will lose our Bill of Rights and still, the people cheer him. They eat up his lies and feel secure knowing the government will take care of their every need, until, of course, there is no more wealth to rob, no more resources to drain, and until the elite have the power to give no more.

Barack Obama is the one who wants the government to curate the flow of information and he is the one whose FEC is talking about shutting down conservative websites, not Trump. Obama is the one who wants to shut down Fox News. You wouldn’t know it from the lies Barack Obama spews in this first video. He is doing the opposite of what he is actually saying.

Obama talks about a nation of laws in this next video after spending the last eight years breaking the law. He said tolerance, kindness, civility, progress is on the ballot. None of those goals have been achieved. The Democrat-Socialists are intolerant, not kind, not civil and what progress is he talking about?

He says equality is on the ballot. What equality? Where special interest groups who vote for him are given special considerations and white men are demonized, that equality? Where whites are described as supremacists and racists? Where police are denigrated and put in the basket of deplorables, Catholics, Evangelicals, Needy Latinos and so on? That equality?

After eight years of his divide and conquer tactics, he has us at each other’s throats, which is what he wanted.

When he talks about Democracy, he doesn’t mean our Republic. He never uses the word, Republic. He means Socialism.



  1. This guy is such a liar, I made it half way through his BS, had to change channels, economy is great, Isis on the run, Hillary will finish them off, trumps not fit to be president. Media is backing these Lying Criminals up, sad that so many people believe this BS.

  2. I did not expect anything less from him the moment he stepped foot on the political scene. After seeing who his wife is – my picture about these race hustlers was complete.
    When I listen to mooch claiming she is shocked by the DT locker room statement – I thought to myself: How is it that her husband – as president – prances around on the place in the company of women with an erection and after pointing it out he thought it was funny and showing it of? The females ca be heard giggling uncomfortably. Yet – here she is – the most racist woman I have ever seen being outraged by something DT said over 10 years ago? Really?
    Believe me – we have seen nothing yet – wait until they out of the white house: they will continue to grab any and every mic and be in our faces spewing their hatred towards us racist white americans among a host of complaints they have.

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