Obama’s “Robust Screening” Process Might Be Killing People


Josh Earnest
Josh Earnest

This administration wouldn’t allow visa screeners to look at social media to see if there was anything untoward AND this was kept secret. They will collect all our phone records but won’t look at the social media pages of Middle Easterners looking to come into this country. It’s a privilege to come to America and the government treats it as if it were insignificant.

The terrorist killer-wife of San Bernardino had jihadi threats all over her Facebook page before she ever came to the United States, but the Obama administration won’t allow authorities to look at their public pages. Her page was under a different name but there are ways to find them and indeed they did. They need a process for this immediately.

They still aren’t sure they will do it because they don’t want to offend people.

The Obama administration banned customs and immigration from looking at social media when considering applications for visas, yet, as it turns out, Terror Housewife, Tashfeen Malik talked often on social media about her desire to commit violent jihad before she ever got to the United States. She supported it and wanted to be part of it, but the visa process didn’t pick it up because of rules which Obama’s administration put in place.

Immigration officials do not review social media as part of their background checks and many in DHS think it’s inappropriate to do so. They are debating it and still think it’s inappropriate!

Here is a direct link between political correctness and the slaughter of 14 innocents and the wounding of 21 others. These policies literally kill people.

Josh Earnest addressed it today as if someone else put them in place.

A reporter asked, “In talking about this review of visas and visa screening process for foreign applicants to come to the U.S., especially with the Kate’s Law, does the White House have a view on whether social media hosting should be part of that process?”

Earnest responded:

“Well, this process is under careful review by both the Department of Homeland Security and the State Department. They will have to consider a range of things, including the amount of resources that are allocated to screening the individuals who do apply for visas. The president has asked the two agencies responsible for implementing this program to review it and come back to him with a set of recommendations about how these screening requirements can or should be tightened, and the president will consider their recommendations carefully.

At this point I am not going to weigh in on what they should do. They are already tasked with taking a close look at the program and coming back to the president with what they believe should be done and the president will take a close look at that.”

He’s not going to weigh in! It’s not obvious?

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