Obama’s Seditionist Squatters Negotiate for New Digs

Filthy OWS Encampment

The AP reported that in the first two months of the occupation, the squatters, who want rich peoples’ money, have cost the city at least $13 million in police overtime and other municipal services.

So what are LA and San Fran Mayors going to do about it? They are going to negotiate with them and offer them meeting rooms and possibly free housing.

The meeting rooms will be especially useful since the OWS meet several times a day to plot the overthrow of the government. One godsend will be the access to toilets, which might help with their unsanitary living conditions and eliminate the need for Hazmat.

The oh-so-PC LA and San Fran Mayors are negotiating with the squatters for indoor space instead of pepper spraying them. I say pepper spray them out.

San Fran wants to move them out of the financial district to the parking lot of an empty school in the Mission district where they will have toilets and a room for their meetings. Their current encampment has been declared a public health nuisance.

Mayor Ed Lee has had several heated meetings with them to work out a deal. I wonder if he would treat the tea party the same way.

One of the SF occupiers knows of a block with 11 foreclosed homes and he suggested they be allowed to move there.

I’d like to find a nice foreclosed house and move in myself, preferably one with a waterview. I guess all one has to do now is litter and loiter to be offered free housing.

LA offered a similar deal to the OWS, only in their case, the government was going to rent a former bookstore to the OWS for $1 a year. The public became outraged over the offer and it was withdrawn.

“The encampment as it exists is unsustainable,” LA Deputy Mayor Szabo said.

Occupy LA now has 480 tents and serious sanitation problems, drug use, and homeless people. When did drug use become legal?


Negotiating with Dirty Squatters

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