Off the Top of My Head, Here Are 4 Reasons Boehner’s Departure Is Thrilling


A new Fox News poll found that 62% of Republicans feel betrayed by their party, yet the liberal Republicans continue to place all the blame on Conservatives. Boehner’s departure has become a frenzy of attacks on Conservatives from the left and the right.

The liberals suddenly love John Boehner, check out Rachel Maddow’s comments below. They are blaming the right-wing extremists for his departure. One would think that 13 terms of any politician would be enough.

Some Republicans are as much an enemy to Conservatives as Democrats and they conspire against them with Democrats. Perhaps they should look at the polls which show that 53% of Republican voters want a non-politician to run for president. The revolt against them and their do-nothing conspiracy against the constituents is far broader than Conservatives. It reaches into the party mainstream.

John Boehner didn’t lose favor over his “insurgent” Conservatives so much as over his outright betrayal, his mafia-like tactics, and his teaming up with Democrats against them.

Seldom is the Constitution – the law of the land – the central focus. How many of the candidates mention it? Too many.

Devin Nunes
Devin Nunes

Devin Nunes, a House Republican with a 54% voting record from Heritage, which means he votes with Pelosi almost as much as he votes with Republicans, also blamed the “shut-down advocates”, meaning Conservatives,calling them “insurgents” and “right-wing Marxists”. Laughably, he called them “Pelosi Republicans”. In the past he said they were “lemmings” with “suicide vests”.

About forty-two of the chamber’s 247 Republicans are members of the House Freedom Caucus which means John Boehner would have had to rely on Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats to keep his position as Speaker. If the fight got nasty enough, Nancy Pelosi could have ended up back as Speaker.

The left and the Republican liberals are quick to say the Conservatives are trouble makers who want to shut down government but rarely if ever do they mention the president’s constitutional violations, which have fundamentally transformed this nation and which have put us on the short path to Socialism. No matter how serious the violations are, there will never be shut-down. They won’t say the obvious. If there is a shut down, it will be because the president chose to shut down the government in a game of chicken that he plays with Republicans.

During the last shut-down, Barack Obama hurt Americans by closing memorials, parks, monuments in a cruel way. Seniors visiting the World War II memorial for the first and probably last time were shut out. I personally witnessed the Capitol officers putting cones further away from the Korean Memorial so it was almost out of sight to the aged veterans. The Korean Memorial can’t be closed off so they distanced all viewers. Obama even forbad visitors from pulling off onto scenic areas to view monuments. Obama promised to cut social security payments and salaries to our military.

Many Republicans didn’t criticize Obama for what he was doing, they attacked their fellow Republicans. Rep. Jim Johnson said the liberal Republicans would rather work with Nancy Pelosi than Conservatives.

Don’t cry for John Boehner. He betrays members in his own party before he betrays Democrats.



John Boehner and his team had a political mafia THAT punished Conservatives who were only doing what their constituents wanted them to do.

Rep. Mark Meadows has been an outspoken critic of Barack Obama’s dictatorial policies and he was one of the victims of a dictatorship in his own party.

He was kicked off a committee for an insignificant vote he cast.

“There is a culture of fear and retribution that is prevalent here on Capitol Hill. It encourages people to vote certain ways, it encourages people not to speak out,” Meadows said in an interview with Roll Call.

The change had nothing to do with his performance. It was because of a simple vote against the procedural rule on trade.

Rep. Jim Jordan says Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats are getting what they want but conservatives aren’t. Pelosi gets better treatment.



In a backroom deal, Boehner negotiated with Nancy Pelosi to increase the nation’s debt by $500 billion with a massive increase in Medicare policy, given the innocuous sounding name of “Doc Fix.” With this bill Boehner failed to address the underlying problems in healthcare entitlements and in true back room deal fashion, included several extraneous provisions designed to buy votes.



The House of Representatives passed the Senate-passed Department of Homeland Security (DHS) funding bill that gives tax dollars to President Obama’s executive amnesty. But the only way the Speaker was able to get the bill passed was by teaming up with Minority Leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and her Democrats.

A whopping 167 Republicans voted against the bill and it stood as a vote of no-confidence in Boehner.

It had leaked out that Boehner had several days of secret negotiations with Minority Leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) before he flip-flopped on funding amnesty. The reports claimed that he arranged for the vote around Netanyahu’s address to Congress over Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

He promised that if the spending bill was passed, he’d stick to the defunding of DHS which most didn’t even think made sense. They were right, it didn’t, and Boehner never had any intention of sticking to his promise.

In March Democrats vowed to protect Boehner from a conservative coup.



The “cromnibus” required a different type of collusion. The right-wing and some Pelosi Democrats were opposed to the bill for different reasons. There was a rider on the bill to dilute the impact of Dodd-Frank which the Democrats opposed. In that case, Boehner teamed up with Obama to put it through instead of Pelosi.

An argument can certainly be made for not wanting to shut down the government but to team up with Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi to spend wildly and gut the constitution might have been perceived as a betrayal by some House members and some Republican voters.

It should also be mentioned that he would not allow religious freedom bills to come to the floor. Actually, that makes five reasons. Oh, what the heck, let’s go to six. Judicial Watch posted a strong statement about his departure and started with a critique of his funding Obama’s lawlessness, but they also wrote that the Oversight committees are a joke because of him and it’s widespread knowledge that corruption has increased during his tenure.

The liberal Republicans are quick to attack Conservatives with bizarre accusations of being Marxists and Pelosi Republicans when the opposite is true. They blame Conservatives for everything that goes wrong, just like the Democrats, while claiming the Conservatives alone are causing the division in the ranks. Conservatives need to have a voice and he shut them out.

Rachel Maddow
Rachel Maddow

Suddenly, the left loves John Boehner. They even find his crying endearing. That’s because it’s a great opportunity for people like Rachel Maddow to say Boehner “controls such a fractious and self-righteously combative caucus that he’s had to work with Democrats to do even the basic stuff of keeping the lights on.”

Hey, what she said isn’t as bad as what Devin Nunes said about them.

Rep. Peter King said Boehner’s departure means the “crazies have taken over. We have a left-wing crazy in the White House but Peter King thinks the Conservatives are the problem. These “crazies” represent millions of Americans.


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7 years ago

The excuse that “shutting down the government” will make the voters reject the Republicans is so ridiculous that it should be laughed at. 2014’s early shutdown followed by November GOP landslide victory is witness to that.