Officer Served a Glass Sandwich at a Progressive Coffeehouse


An Ohio officer bit into a glass sandwich yesterday and drove himself to the hospital after his mouth started bleeding. He was held overnight but is doing fine now. Police say the officer heard a crunching sound as he ate the sandwich.

The ‘Progressive” café denies any intentional wrongdoing.

The restaurant is the Lincoln Cafe, once known as Zanzibar Brews. It advertises itself as a progressive coffeehouse for politicians – Democrat politicians.

Leon Lewis, a manager at Lincoln Cafe told WCMH-TV that Columbus police officers regularly support his business and that there has never been any incidents at the cafe since it opened.

Columbus Public Health officials visited the restaurant Tuesday to help determine what happened.

The police department wrote on Facebook that “it hasn’t been determined if this was an intentional act or accidental” and they are interviewing employees.

Source: AP and Weasel Zippers


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