Oh Good! Soros Friend Could Rig Elections in 16 States


Mark Malloch-Brown
Mark Malloch-Brown

George Soros sits on Smartmatic’s Board of Trustees. And the chairman of Smartmatic’s board, Lord Mark Malloch-Brown, was once the vice chairman of Soros’ Investment Funds.

Mark Malloch-Brown, a Britisher, is Chairman of the Board of Directors of Smartmatic International Corporation, an  ‘elections solutions provider’ that offers its voting machines, vote counting machines, software and techies to run elections all over the world.

Mark Malloch-Brown also serves as Vice Chairman at George Soros’s international Open Society Foundation.

Mark Malloch-Brown is so proud of his service to George Soros that he boasts of it on the Voting Machine Company’s website.

On Election Day, a private company tied to Soros will manage the voting in 16 states, including voter registration, the printing of ballots, the programming of the voting machines, the counting and tabulation of the votes, and the final reporting of the results for… millions of Americans in 16 states.

Smartmatic’s voting equipment and procedures have raised the suspicions of people in more than one nation, and their trustworthiness has been called into question by cops, judges and politicians.

In 2012, the Mexican government contracted with Smartmatic. But the results were abysmal as they transmitted only 30% and 45% of the actual ballots in two elections. Making the results weighted in favor of particular candidates, officials were livid.

In the 2013 election in The Philippines, they transmitted only 76% of the actual ballots.

In 2014, Smartmatic has been charged with fraud in the Brazilian election.

There are 16 states and 307 districts that will be using Smartmatic technology and support services. Smartmatic’s equipment, software and technicians will be counting votes behind closed doors in some very critical states: Arizona, California, Colorado, District of Columbia, Florida, Illinois, Louisiana, Michigan, Missouri, New Jersey, Nevada, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin.

Since I posted this, the smartmatic website has removed the names of the states so when you click the link, you get page not found.

Soros is a Socialist who thinks the US and Capitalism are evil and should be overturned. He is also Hillary Clinton’s largest bundler.

Donald Trump has been complaining about the rigged elections – the media and the polling places – for which the media is mocking him. The New York Times called his comments “incendiary”. The media is also bashing anyone who agrees with Trump. BUT IT’S TRUE!

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