OMG Means Obama Must Go!


by Alan Bergstein

The throngs, perhaps over a million French gathering in a Parisian square to condemn Muslim terror, indicates a tardy awakening that their government has been too accommodating and accepting of the Muslim threat to their safety and liberties.

Perhaps it is already too late for them. After all, they have shown support for Hamas, a partner of the Palestinian Authority. French leaders have permitted the virus of Muslim hate against the infidels within their own borders to flourish and grow, to the extent that they have at least ten neighborhoods controlled entirely by Muslims, with schools, law enforcement and judicial procedures all based on the teachings of the Koran.

No “infidels” may enter nor is there any French jurisdiction in these areas.

In short, France is no longer a united, single entity. It has been split, with the Muslim influence growing and biting the hand that literally feeds it.

They have spawned, encouraged and nurtured the Muslim terror that we have seen this past week. Now, they are demonstrating and reacting. Is this a lesson for us?

Perhaps it is not too late for Americans to wake up to the reality that our own president, born a Muslim, raised in his formative years as one is currently ominously and unashamedly silent as our own nation is threatened with more Islamic attacks by homegrown terrorists.

He is leading us down the same path that France has already stumbled and suffered through.

Obama’s ruling, through his control of the Pentagon, that the Ft. Hood massacre at the hands of Major Nidal Hassan, was “Workplace violence,” is indicative of his willingness to ignore the threat of radical Islam.

He has ruled that the terms, “Jihad, Islamic terror and Muslim terror” be banned from any military and federal law enforcement training manuals.

That leaves all of our security personnel ignorant of just who our enemy is. If they don’t know what motivates the Jihadist, his religion, its history and its goals of the creation of a Caliphate, a world controlled by the Koran, they are useless on the far off battlefields and on our own turf.

And that renders them helpless in their jobs, leaving the rest of us at the mercy of the Islamic savage.

And why else would he be in such a hurry to replace the warriors of Islam who are being killed each day while waging Jihad, with the battle hardened, well trained and physically fit terrorists from Guantanamo?

Their releases have been coming rapidly and shortly that prison will be emptied and its once tenants will be handed Kalashnikov assault rifles, suicide vests and maps of the U.S.A. BAM!

The outrageous fact that he deemed not to attend today’s anti-Islamic terror demonstrations in Paris is beyond belief.

He flew to Copenhagen just to shill for Chicago’s bid for the Olympics. He burns thousands of tons of jet fuel just to play a few rounds of golf. Yet he refuses to be photographed in what might be termed an anti-Islamist rally in Paris.

He showed no solidarity with a suffering tormented France, supposedly our ally. Of course, were he to do so, it might send the wrong signal to Tehran, ISIS and the other Muslim “One Worlders” with whom he owes religious solidarity.

The time has come for all of us to shout……….


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