Open Borders Will Cost Us Dearly


Welcome terrorists

Open borders costs us financially and it will cost us a great deal more than that.

Healthcare is one expense that will be made even more unaffordable as we legitimize coverage.

We are currently spending $2 billion a year on Medicaid coverage for illegals who go to emergency rooms – that we know of. They don’t pay and the hospitals are being reimbursed for their care. Full story at Daily Caller

The same thing will happen under Obamacare. One of the selling points of Obamacare was that it would stop this sort of thing and of course that is not even within the realm of possibility. We are not going to turn people away from care.

We are encouraging people to come here illegally. At the present time, there are more people coming here illegally than legally.

It’s not only welfare, healthcare and food stamps that are a problem. It’s our safety.

Ten to thirty percent of illegals are foreign terrorists. Janet Napolitano admitted that terrorists are coming across the porous borders from “time-to-time” – a big admission for her.

We can’t possibly account for the huge numbers coming over our border illegally since they obviously don’t register. They cannot be tracked. We know Hezbollah has a big presence in South America and Mexico with easy access to the US.

Israel has been monitoring Hezbollah terrorists coming over our borders for more than a decade.

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