O’Reilly – ‘Critical Mass Has Been Reached’ on Obama Administration ‘Deception’


O'Reilly on Bergdahl lie

Bill O’Reilly interviewed Lt. Col. Shaffer Tuesday about an NCIS report that was part of the overall investigation of Bowe Bergdahl. It presented evidence that Bowe Bergdahl was a traitor who tried to defect to the Russian mob to become a hitman but later decided to join the Taliban prior to his actual desertion.

The report, which had to be known by the White House, was issued in 2009 – they knew for five years – and yet, they had a ceremony in the Rose Garden, they sent Susan Rice and Jay Carney out to call him honorable. They completely deceived the American people.

The investigation indicated criminal behavior and none of that was true and none of that was presented to the American people. “If we are going to be misled to this degree on Bowe Bergdahl, what about the economy, what about Iran…awful and unacceptable,” Bill O’Reilly stated during his Talking Points memo on Tuesday night.

“I am just appalled…just appalled,” he said, “because we didn’t know about the NCIS report until yesterday, but, surely President Obama knew about it. And, he does this big dog and pony show and he sends his guys out to tell everybody how honorable this Bergdahl guy was.”

O’Reilly, who continued the conversation with author, commentator Charles Krauthammer, believes Bergdahl has mental issues but, “Loon or not….and the NCIS clearly says the guy was collaborating with the enemy and doing all kinds of things. So how do you square that?”

“…This bumps it up to a new level…This is so clear cut.This is five years of calculated deception How could President Obama think anyone’s going to trust him?

Charles Krauthammer also finds it “appalling.”

“How does he think he’s gong to have any credibility,” O’Reilly asked incredulously.

Krauthammer responded to O’Reilly’s shock. “…Have you not heard of Jonathan Gruber, have you not heard of Obama saying 22 times if you like your plan you can keep your plan when everyone in the administration knew that wasn’t true (the Democrats knew it too), as you said with the Benghazi thing, they knew what the story was within 48 hours and Susan Rice went on TV five days later, that wasn’t a 48-hour thing, she knew it wasn’t true…”

O’Reilly continued: “This was five years of calculated deception.… This is calculated deception. How does President Obama think anyone is going to trust him other than the KoolAid drinkers. How does he think he’s going to have any credibility?… This is five years of deception though. This is just outright rank deception insulting, insulting every American Charles!

“…how much deception do we have to put up with here?”

Ed Henry asked Josh Ernest about it and Ernest cowardly dodged his question.

O’Reilly discussed that with Ed.

He told Ed who agreed, “They had to know …the NCIS report came out since 2009…and they did it anyway…98% of the 50,000 people voted in our poll said it was a bad deal so who is the president representing here? Who? Who?

“But the deception really rankles me…and…and, I gave the president the benefit of the doubt and now critical mass has been reached.”

“This Bergdahl thing is not the Iranian nuke negotiation but it’s so clear and everybody should see it,” O’Reilly said ending his statement.


In case you missed the information on the NCIS report, here it is.

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