O’Reilly Goes Ballistic On Obama Mouthpiece Dr. Tom Frieden


Bill O'Reilly

There was something very refreshing about Bill O’Reilly calling out the very dishonest director of the CDC, Dr. Tom Frieden.

Dr. Frieden told us they can’t limit travel from West Africa because we wouldn’t be able to get medical workers into the countries who need our help. Do people really believe that? It’s absurd. We can get 4,000 military into the area to supervise building construction but we can’t get medical workers in?

Frieden said it is very hard to contract Ebola and it has to be through direct contact but then we found out we can get it from a sneeze and the virus lives on surfaces for six days.

The list goes on.

Frieden’s been deceptive, possibly to keep us calm but we are not children and the truth would serve him a lot better.

O’Reilly is calling for him to be fired. I hope that picks up steam but I doubt it. Mr. Obama doesn’t fire good rubber stamps, he promotes them.



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